Your Right...


I need you because I dont want you to loose..

I was there infront of your eyes..and you couldnt choose..

But whatever I are my real love..

Which I believe that God sent it to me..from above..

Cause no matter how hard I tried to survive..

I cant live without you in my life..

People are talking about us all the time..

And looking at me like I have done a crime..

They say you are not honest..your love is not true

I tell them beside that Im loving you..

Once...I dreamed about you in a holley night..

You were in a shape of white & strong light..

You kept saying "I need you,dont go"

So I did...why??..I dont know

Now I just compaired that with the reality..

And I found it a dream of a bad quality..

So I will wait for God to make me forget you..

But till then I will be always behind you..

Never will let anything hurt you or make you sad..

So,if anything happened..or someone treated you bad..

You will know when you wake up to find all is gone..

You will rememeber that what I say is what will be done..

But you dont have to thank me..

You let me fall with you..

So,its just some of your right against me....


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