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Good things never last forever..
Though we once were together..
I'd never ask for more..
Till you walked out of my door..
I knew I'm just a sister...and a friend
But thought this was going to end..
I waited & waited..But couldn't see a sign..
But eventually I knew you'll never be mine...!!!
She's My girl...& I've all control..
But I didn't meant it to be this way at all..
Just a game I used yo play..
Till it fliped 180 on me that day..!!!
You knew You're my one..& it's my town..
Though you went & broke my heart..Destroyed my crown..
Different,,That what I thought..Somehow,,Someway..
But Eventually I wear glasses cause of my ray..
I don't know how to describe that feeling..When you stole my heart..
How you made me fall for you...From the start..
But amaizing how I didn't say "It's not fair"..
Actually it's amaizing how I really didn't care..
Just suddenly..I lost my interest in you..
Even though somedays breathing s…