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LonleY iS The Me......!!!

No One Can sTay Lonley....Forever...maybe from a time to time we go to our private world where we can be alone on our own....n sometimes not...!!!
Sometimes Surronded by people that know you but really they don't know a thing makes U lonley....why should I join in their stupid conversations ?? n also I can't just jumb n leave.....!!!
Some people thinks life is changing fast...But really they stay on their same spot whith their same thoughts n speechs....Uh!!! Like my lovely friend who always talk on the same subjects EVERYTIME..Can U imagine what 'd it be like listenin' to her talking the same but never mangin' to slap her fluffy face ???!!!
Well...For me when I feel that I really not on the mood or that I'll be bored I just rather to stay home n play some online games..!!!
I know this startin' ain't like me but I really feel like trapped in this world with this people that yah I l love very much but they're killing me...n NO I can't change…