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Notes for a Lady !

Dear lady,
Just for the record,  while you are waiting for him to recognize your existence in his life by simply doing any sort of contact with you whenever he has any spare time to give, please note that he is actually dedicating his full time to another woman.
Dear another woman, while you are enjoying his full attention and bragging to your friends how he can’t stop pouring himself on you, please note that he’s actually ditching another woman he carelessly replaced by you, a woman who -not so long ago- enjoyed the same privileges you have now. 
When he allows you to take a step closer to his world, only then you will start seeing things differently. Will get to see him differently. He’s no longer that man who clings to his phone whispering love words to you, when only you and none else is around. You will get to see him interacting with the world, making decisions, behaving as a human being, and only then, you can say you know a man well.

Always be the one who says “Will Be Right Back”…