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Until ..

I’ve been postponing everything,
I know,
I’ve been postponing every little thing,
And All the important things,
I’ve been delaying them to whenever,
And it happens that “whenever” never comes.
I’m postponing my tomorrow,
Till I’m fed up of yesterday.
I’m postponing my happiness,
Till I’m done crying.
I’m postponing my tears,
Till I find the source of my pain.
And I’m postponing my life,
Till I get you back.
I’m ok with a grey life,
Cause my colours are in your smile.
I accept living in winter forever,
Cause my spring lives in your eyes.
I don’t mind being alone,
Cause my only company is you.
I have to live in a crazy messy world,
Cause my balance lies within our touch.
I will bear flying mercilessly day and night,
Cause my only shelter is between your arms. I will stop time, Till I can see your face again.

A Decision !


I took my decision ..

I will stop waiting,
I have no more time to waste,
Counting the clock ticks and tocks,
Watching seasons come and go,
I will start walking on my life path,
I will never stop hoping.
Hoping to run into you someway in the middle,
Someway over that corner,
Or maybe, just maybe ..
Somewhere before the end.


تـسـألـنـى كـيـفـن بـذكـرك ؟؟؟
وأنـا الـعـمـرى مـا يـومـاً نـسـيـت
كـأنـو الـقـلـيـب واقـف قـدام الـبـاب .. يـنـطـرك
ويـقـول تـرانـى إمـكـن أنـا الـمـاجـيـت
سـنـيـنـاً تـفـوت
وعـذر ورا عـذر كـايـسـاهـو لـيـك
وحـبـاً زايـد مـا بـيـمـوت
فـى عـيـونـى ديـمـه حـافـظـاهـو لـيـك
وراجـيـة الـغـروب
فـى كـل زاويـة إشـارة إنـك يـوم حـتـعـود
لازمـاً وجـوب
ومـا مـهـم كـم يـوم يـعـدى .... بـاكـر مـوجـود

بـاكر حـنـمـلا الـبـيـت حـنـيـن
وشـافـعـاً صـغـيـر فـيو يـجـوط
بـاكـر نـعـوض فـرقـة سـنـيـن
ولـمـتـنـا ديـك بـاكـر تـعـود
نـاجـيـت الـقـمـرة والـنـجـمة
سـألـت عـلـيـك كـل الـوجـود
فـتـشـت عـلـيـك فـى الـزحـمـة
ضـهـبـنـى الـزمـن .. وتـشـابـه وجـوه

ومـالـو لـو مـابـتـسـأل .. ومـابـتـرسـل
عـاذراك وأكـيـد الـعـذر مـوجـود
نـاطـراك والـسـكـة بـتـوصـل
ونـاطـرة يـومـاً فـيـو نـعـود

Letting go !!

I believe it's over..
I'm letting you go, my lover!!
I really don't know what to do..
Or even have a clue..
I will be forced to stand and watch that view..
Watching her stealing the heart of you..!!
And I will let her know..
That tonight, I will let you go..!!
These hopes and dreams will be buried deep with you..
With a box of your memories,
And all the things you used to do..
I have to..
Have to let you go..!!

I ran out of fake smiles..
Ran out of true tears..
My heart is tired of running all of these miles..
To face the only thing it fears..
I can't charge your happiness no more..
No knocks to offer for your door..
But I,
Will call the light to die..
Digging all the way to death..
Will Make a billion lie..
Turn my soul to mess..
Can't you see ??
You are the power source for me..
And I will choose to fly..
Talking you out of my sky..
I'm daring my weakness to choose..
You, or life to loose ..?!!
And I have to say goodbye..
Before you try to try..
I will fly with…