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My Name Was Sun….!!

A sweet Rose in the park…
Been picked up in the dark..
A young Princess in the wood..
Thought everything will be so good…!!
Every time I look back..
I keep seeing my dead Jack..
Instead of moving on…I refuse to see..
Stuck in the past…That’s the truth of me…!!
Looking at my reflection on the wall..
Why do I care at all..??
If I can find you the way you found me..
Then I’d never set you free..
You’re my special angel..making me feel alright..
The shiny moon in my darkest night…!!
But I can’t be with you...I can’t fly..
I’m The Princess of Forests..Land is my high..
I can be the sun that gives you light..
So please don’t look at me..or you will loose your sight
I can be there always for you…Never pass my turn..
But these are your limits…Cause sometimes I burn…!!
Being my special one doesn’t need you to get in my heart..
Just be a part of my life…And I need that part…!!
It’s my pleasure to be the angel that guard your soul..
I can take your hands to heaven’s wall…!!!
People…. My name was sun..
Once…As the summe…