The ... PrinCesS ... Of ... ForesTs ... !!!

Every Memory iS a SiGn ..... ThaT DefeniTly Once U Were Mine ... I'll Carry U iN My HearT and HolD U iN My MinD, Where U Can Be SaFe ... AwaY From PeoPle's OpiniOns, and WhaT's WronG and WhaT's RiGhT, AwaY From The No0ns Sun RaYs, and The ColD Of The NiGhT, AwaY From ChilDreN's FinGer PrinTs, and PeoPle eYes SiGhT ........ !!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


He wants me to describe him to you...

and here I'm going to let you know... a wave he moves..,

Has got an angel eyes take you wherever he loves

His sweet the morning smiles to you

His voice...His a bird talks and chat with you

His lovely soul rose me high...and took me slow

But that's not why I loved want know??

When he let me feel something I cant see

His weakness towards me...his missing to me

When I found in his words kindness which made me free

Then his looks called me...they really took me

When I discovered love and passion in his eyes

When you are thirsty wait,you will drink from his nights

When he hold you tight taking all your fears

When he whisper a "Good Night"...right in your ears

When you feel safety while you holding his arm

When he take you so close...doing you no harm

I wish if your eyes and heart were in the place of mine

If you could feel what I felt...we can go back in time

Then you may be able to believe me when I say..

He changed my life every second in every day

Its all cause the destiny of me and you

Which made me a belover to him...before you!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Im living on a reminiscence was between us long ago..

and calling high "where are you"??

Do you know when Im beside you what I feel ??

when Im looking to your eyes what I need to say real ?? beautiful is the world when Im with you

Oh,my every thing I love you

Do you remember when we firstly met??

and when you broke what was built...

Can you remember our first call ??

and when you through me into the wall!!

I cant forget how you used to look at me..

and now you really cant recognize me

I miss when you be at morning waiting for me

but now I looked for you every where,and I cant see

I will remember you..till I die

please remember me..and dont let your life pass you by

If it was without memories of me & you..

when you smile at the beautiful as you do

Im so tired..cant see

standing at the edges of a memory

Every time I see you I want to shout..

babe,there is alot of things you dont know about

I dont want to let go..

just need you to know..

when we are together..

I hope that we never be away,,forever..

I wont gorget are the one I need every

you are my worlds light

I want just to die in your be with you

jack..I really miss you so

I will forever be in pain..

If I didnt be in your arms again,..

And fainally..I just want to say..

that you and I

will never ever die..........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Know

Its really sad,but its true

they cant see you as I do

they are always searching for reasons to make you apart

because they never reached your heart

But I Know

When you smile how life be

& how it feels when its just you & me

it doesnt matter what people want to see

I will stay with you as I want..Im free

Because I Know

You are an angel came from the sky

rising all my standers high

I cant tell what changes in my world you have done

so please...dont ask me to pick one

And I Know

When you are stepping where you know your heart is going to be broken

but you never give up..or give a chance to be mistaken

you are made of light to help people go through

just if they could really know you

Also I Know

How when your babe soul is always in pain

and you always make it and smile again

but why when you always being mentioned

they keep saying you are different

but they never knew whats the meaning to be you

and the world treat them as they do

hope if they could once know its not a crime

if you cant be effected by time

They would think again...I Know

If they could find someone like you

they dont see you as I do..

hope they even try to

most of them would turn you away

I dont want you to listen to a word they say

they will think again..I Know

You have got something every one would be killed for

to be a kid for ever and more

never get in troubles..,you are excused too

to be nice with you..everyone have to

Then I Know

May one day I pass you through

then may my eyes couldnt recognize you

but my heart sure will do

and in your eyes I see every day I spent with you

you never gonna change..but I will do

and in my heart you gonna stay as the same as you

I just know its true

No body is like you

"To my childhood friend,always will be for you"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Im Gonna Tell Her????

She wanted me to tell her all my feelings

all my problems and all my seetings

So can I do it and tell her all of that??

about how my life crashed and my broken heart?

How I used to feel pain and cry at night

how I needed him only to stay by my side

how I cant do anything but sit to remember

what happened at that time and what is in december

Howit felt at my first time I fall in love

and when he said "rose,thats enough"

how I wanted to kill him then I said "NO"

cause he is the first and the last I told him I love you

how it was when he first called and she picked up

and how she struggled with us to make us stop

then when I tried to get him back and fix it

with some letters in my bag and she caught it

can I tell her how much I hated her at that time?

cause she made me love like doing a crime

then when I found a chance to meet him and with me she went

and kept looking around like a message not sent

then I began to survive just to forget

so I let all my dreams with him and left

but im needing someone to love insteat I felt

so a friendship with the light brothers was built

oh my God,how they were so sweet

making me looking forward to the days we meet

and I felt I may be loved again

by one of them..which both of their hearts like a rain

making me happy without lying

took my pain and stop me crying

then she came to tell me what her husband did

and how in seconds he broke what I spent years to build

but no I wont give up..wont let them go

they wont leave me like my love..who did so

I will do my best to keep them with me

even if they knew im not like what they can see

I wondered firstly why they stopped replying me

and if they were playing to see who will get me

as dad says "BOYS LIKE FOXES" you cant know their reality

but I knew them well and understood their personality

you are asking how im gonna tell her about that?

I just need some time to work it out

but gonna keep for my self all my past

cause its not usefull at last

and after all I felt from sadness and pain

it seems like I wont love again

and to all whom are waiting to love me...its a lie

its so easy for me to say "HI" then a "GOOD BYE"

and if you wanna be safe from any broken heart

try to let me go..and now you start

cause me with my love are a dreams for you

so go to another who will love you

I was a beautiful rose with all my sharing

trying to make people love me and make them airing

till that jack came and picked me up

and couldint find anyone behind to help

and then came back with my life which crashed

cause I followed his act and splashed

and the similarties between rose and jack

is that again both wont come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Your Right...


I need you because I dont want you to loose..

I was there infront of your eyes..and you couldnt choose..

But whatever I are my real love..

Which I believe that God sent it to me..from above..

Cause no matter how hard I tried to survive..

I cant live without you in my life..

People are talking about us all the time..

And looking at me like I have done a crime..

They say you are not honest..your love is not true

I tell them beside that Im loving you..

Once...I dreamed about you in a holley night..

You were in a shape of white & strong light..

You kept saying "I need you,dont go"

So I did...why??..I dont know

Now I just compaired that with the reality..

And I found it a dream of a bad quality..

So I will wait for God to make me forget you..

But till then I will be always behind you..

Never will let anything hurt you or make you sad..

So,if anything happened..or someone treated you bad..

You will know when you wake up to find all is gone..

You will rememeber that what I say is what will be done..

But you dont have to thank me..

You let me fall with you..

So,its just some of your right against me....

Orange and Black

Did you hear it....or should I say again

Are you sure you heard me right??....

cause I will do you no pain

Your eyes had taken me from my world to be with you..

And always my heart pushing me to say "I miss you"..

But my babe soul is afraid from knowing you are not for me..

when nothing can let you are free!!

But your eyes are a diamond windows of a golden heart..

Always telling mine"we should never be apart"

Baby,you are for my dark life a deep light..

You are the reason I stay awake at night..

I know its really true,when you are so near..

And Im shouting so high.."where are you dear"..

Im afraid that my heart suffers like that again or more..

Then I live all my coming days like that for certain sure..

Who can replace my heart the second I met you..

And what is the taste of life if it became without you..

Can you tell me why my pain for you is nothing..

And days went and Im missing your face every morning..

Days..I dont know why they went so fast..

And im still holding on you ..till die at last....

Just you should know I did my best to fix it..

But its just like orange & black......

you cant mix it!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Just For U

To my babe....

Whenever you feel lonely,

Whenever you feel sad,

Whenever time hit you roughly,

When people treat you bad,

Wherever you are,

Whenever you feel pain,

When you are in a trouble,

When you think you wont live again,

When people br mean to you,

When darkness want to get you,

When you dont know who,

When you dont know what to do,

When you are confused how to let them know,

When someone loves you just for show,

When your degrees numbers get low,

When you want to do something and you know you cant do so,

When your heart tell you to stay but you go,

When you cant choose one of two,

When you regret something you didnt do,


Then when you feel happy,

When you smile,

When you tell a joke,

When you change your style,

When a beautiful girl love you,

When your dream comes true,

When you succeed in your exam,

When you watch a baby grow,

When you sleep peacfully at night,

When you see the morning light,

When you get a new friend,

When you see a star,

When your message be sent,

When your troubles be far,

When you smell a perfam,

When you say sorry,

When you be calm,

When you drive a lorry,

When you see a flower,

When your mum pray for you,

When you take a shower,

When a baby be borned just for you,

When you thank God that you are alive,

When you are near to die and survive........

Just want you to know then Im here for you

To protect you,& love you..

I will always be there,will always love you!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Im SOrry


Every time I do it..will be sorry

Cause I really used to do it..Im sorry

Baby,every time I look to your eyes I will be so sorry

Boy I used to look to your eyes every time in every day

& I didnt used to hear it when you say..

"Girl why you looking to my eyes Im not yours"

Why...why I cant just to choose??

Cause everytime in everynight I dream about you..

& baby,all that is really true!!

You just give me one chance to fix it.

& I promise you boy you wont regret it

Just give me time to be with you..

& I wont ask you about what or who!!

I will keep my jealousy in my heart..

& I wont let any problem start

I really miss seeing you smiling on my face..

Cause you know for me it cant replace!

I need your love baby..I need you with me

Cause that will give me strength and make me happy

So please dont leave me alone..I beg you dont go..

I really dont know without you what can I do!!

Just forgive me...

for all I have done to you...

Im sorry!!!

Meeting God

Almost every day..I see the same face

on a broken picture tabe..for people in race

If you could see your self..

you put you on a shelf!!

Today I will play the part of none parent..

not making a hundred rules...

for you to know your self

Not lying to make you believe..

whats evil is making love

and making friends..and meeting God!!

You are alone in a way..

the right way..

to bleed..

Cant be taught in turn..

You are pushing us to return!

We stand alone..

The truth in right and wrong

The boundaries of law..

You seem to miss the point..

arresting for a joint??

Why hundreds of people die?

You are writing tickits man

my mum got jumped...,

they ran!!


Now I will play a public servant.

to serve and protect..,

by the law and the state

I would bust the punks that rape..steal and murder.

and I will leave you to be..

If you crossed me,

I would shake your hand like a man..not a God!

Come meet your maker boy..

some things you cant enjoy

because of heaven and hell..

He is watching..say your prayrs,

because God is everywhere!


Now I will play a man..

leaving priesthood

who is about to take..

the last test in life!

I would question things..

how can I survve

But when the time come.

I will call my mum

but no one can hear me..

and nothing will make me free!

Thats all what I have done..

and Im the only one!!!


May I dont know whats your name...

but im sure we are not the same

cause I could see your heart...

which want us to be apart

It didnt take much time to find...

what you really keeps inside!!

It doesnt matter what you say..

cause I know you wont stay

And I really hated that...

to love a boy who treats me bad

But baby you got a face...

Never,never I cant replace

What I can say or do...

to let you really know

When you be broken how you feel?!

then when you start to live again...its so real

I dont know what I mean to you...

but you are my whole life..that what I know

And baby you are so sweet..

when you say "I love you girl" my heart beat

I cant forget your silky touch..

or your shiny eyes..thats so much

How you want me now to break it??

Dear,dear I just cant take it

You never know when every thing isnt true..

and your hopes are really few

When you think you wont be the same again..

and an angel come to take your pain

You are my angel which came from the sky

and I never knew angels lie!!!!

Just let me once try to feel how to live

may it be my have to believe!!