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It was his turn !

We all get disappointed,  life is made of disappointments,  we don’t have any control over, but we definitely can control whether we want to be the disappointer or not, we always have the option here.
In my case, I knew I don’t want to do this, a deep voice inside of me kept screaming “NO, STOP”, but I wanted to try that out, I wanted to taste how it feels like, how it looks like to be there …  I admit, I was truly selfish. I only had one hope, one excuse to relay on, he can fix me, that he can magically make all of these solid ancient walls just vanish, and somehow, he could!
I wasn’t the one to get into a relationship, I stopped believing in them long time ago … I happened to believe that I’m strong, strong enough to do it my own, and for a while I was, I can say that I used to be.
Then the momentum was gone, I needed a hand, a shoulder to lean on, I needed a voice to lie on me saying that things will be fine, they will be okay, until I fall asleep.
And there he was, standing among the…