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Long Ago....--------________

Any sweet love words remind me of you..
And I cared about you....Long ago!
I remember every whisper and touch and they are sweet by you..
And I hope you could see....Long ago!
My dear who told you that I cant forget about you??..
Days and nights I lived just for you....Long ago!
But I promise if you going to come back I will love you..
And I wondered would you remember me too....Long ago!
I tried to tell you how I still need you..
But Im so weak you knew....Long ago!
Come to me and let me be with you..
I dreamed of you and your eyes....Long ago!
You know I love when Im beside you..
Its like the world disapeared between me and you....Long ago!
Always on my mind,and time killed me and you..
You knew I need you....Long ago!
Do you remember when my eyes speak to you??..
And my jealousy on you....Long ago!
Im just dreamig of the day when I can see you..
But your sack is all what I cared about....Long ago!
Whatever happens jack,how much Im gonna need you..
I knew its imposible to get you again....Long ago!