The ... PrinCesS ... Of ... ForesTs ... !!!

Every Memory iS a SiGn ..... ThaT DefeniTly Once U Were Mine ... I'll Carry U iN My HearT and HolD U iN My MinD, Where U Can Be SaFe ... AwaY From PeoPle's OpiniOns, and WhaT's WronG and WhaT's RiGhT, AwaY From The No0ns Sun RaYs, and The ColD Of The NiGhT, AwaY From ChilDreN's FinGer PrinTs, and PeoPle eYes SiGhT ........ !!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

★نــــــــــحـــــــــــــــن ★

نـــــحـــن مـــا بـــيـــنـــاتـــنــــا عـــرفـــة

شـــــان تــــقـــول لـــى انـــتــــهـــيـــنـــا

نــــحـــن اتـــلاقــــيــنــا صـــدفـــة

فـــــــى مــتـــاهــــات الـــمــديـــنـــة

★ ★ ★

نــــحـــن جـــمــعـــتــنـــا الــلــيـــالـــى

بــــاشـــتــــراك كـــل الــــظـــروف

دنـــيـــا يـــامـــا تـــــلــــم و تـــــجــــــمــــع

يــــــامــــا فــــى أحـــكــــامــــا خـــوف

★ ★ ★

نـــــحـــن كـــنـــا طـــريـــقـــنـــا واحـــــد

بـــس بــــتــــفـــرقـــــنـــا الـــحــــروف

انــــه عــــيــــنــــى عـــلــــى الـــــبـــريــــدو

و انـــــت عــــيـــــنـــك مــــا بـــتــــشــــوف

★ ★ ★

دايـــرة أقــــول لــــيــــك

انـــه نــــــحـــــن ....... كــــــنــــا فـــــى خــــطـــيــــن تـــــوازى

مـــــا بـــتــــجـــمــــعــنـــا الـــنــــهـــايـــة

و لا الــــبـــدايــــات ,,,,,, مــــا بـــــــتــــجــــازى

و انه كــــلـــمة "نـــــــــــحـــــــــــن" ذاتــــا

هـــــــى بــــس تــــــــعــــــبــــيــــر مــــجــــازى

أصـــــــلــــو مــــــــــا بـــيـــنـــاتــــنـــا "نــــــحــــــن"

دا الــــزمــــن كــــــان انــــــــــتـــــــهــــازى

★ ★ ★

نــــحـــن اتــــلاقـــيـــنـــا صــــدفـــة

مـــــا مــــهــــم تـــــو نـــــفــــتــــرق

و أى لـــــحــــظـــة تـــــمــــر بــــيـــنــــا

مـــــن حــــيـــاتــــنـــا بـــتــــتـــــســـرق

الـــــوداع يـــــا رفـــــقـــة عــــــابـــرة

فــــــى ســــــنـــــيـــنــــى بـــتــــتـــحـــرق

أصـــــلـــو "نـــــــحـــــن" تـــــكـــفـــيــــنــى واحــــدة

مــــــالـــــكـــــة لــــلـــروح و الـــــعـــــــشــــــــق

★ ★ ★

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To0 LaTe .... !!!!!

Does it matter..
If I'll Die , Or live after..?!
is it important to you..??
You don't have to ask me , You don't have to know..
Why do you care..??
Remember , you're the one who broke our stare...!!!

What do you have more to say..??!
I knew it was coming , I expected it everyday..
I watched you change , I saw you cry..
I saw the way you let us dry..
I don't , , , I can't hear your words..
You were the one who shot my birds...!!!

Who is this..??
You look like someone I used to miss..
Someone I gave my everything to..
Someone I trusted he'll make us true..
Someone I thought he was life..
Till I saw him with a knife..
Someone I gave my dreams to..
Someone looks just like you...!!!

Who is that..??
Who says he got a broken heart..??
Man , WHO ARE YOU..??
Yeah , it hasn't been so long , But I can't remember though..
WHAT ?? , WHAT ?? , You're talking bout "HURT"..?!!
Hello , I'm the one with blood on her shirt...!!!

You were important for me boy , You were something..
You were my all , and now you're nothing..
MOVE , MOVE , move away..
Let me pass bro , I choosed my way..
Start walking now , I showed You the road..
It's my time to leave , here's the sea carrying my boat...!!!

What do you want to hear now..???
Could it make any difference , Tell me how..??!!
You just want to hear me say "It's okay , I dropped my tissue"..
Don't bother your self bout my heart , I will Handel that issue...!!!

I already managed to the other side..
But , You've to stay here .. Can't give you a ride...!!!


لــســت جــبــانــة ..... و لــســت ضـعــيــفــة
لـكـنـه يـرعـبـنـى ..... يـقـتـلـنـى بـنـظـرة ظـريـفـة

لــسـت وحـيـدة ..... و لــيــس لـى ســواه
لــسـت عـبـدة ..... و لـكـنـى مــمـلـوكـة هــواه

فـقـط أخــافـه

أخــاف مـن سـكـوتـه ..... بـمـاذا يـفـكـر ؟؟
أخـاف مـن ضـحـكـاتـه ..... هـل حـقـا سـيـغـدر ؟؟

أخـاف مـن هـذيـانـه ..... مـن نـظـراتـه ..... مـن أحـلامـه
أخـاف مـن الـمـعـانـى الـهـاربـة مـن أطـراف كـلامـه

أخـاف مـن حـبـه
أخـاف مـن قـلـبـه

أخـاف أن يـحـيـن قـدرى دون أن يـعـلم
دون أن يـشـعـر بـحـبـى لـه الابـكـم

أخـاف أن يـزيـد شـوقـى ..... و يـسـتـمـر فـى الـزيـادة
أخـاف أن يـسـرقـنـى الـوقـت ..... و يـطـلـب الاعـادة

أخـاف عـلـيـه مـن نـفـسـى
أخـاف عـلـيـه مـن حـاضـرى ..... و مـسـتـقـبـلـه ..... و أمـسـى

أخـاف عـلـيـه مـن صـدرى
أخـاف أن يـمـر عـليـه قـلـب يـحـبـه قـدرى


أخـاف مـن الـزمـان ..... و كـل يـوم أضـافــــه

أخـاف أن أغـفـو فـلا أجـده
أخـاف أن أراه ... فـأفـتـقـده

أخـاف أن أؤذيـه
أخـاف أن اصـبـح شـيـئـا لا يـعـنـيـه

أخـاف مـن هـدوءه
أخـاف مـن قـربـه ..... و صـدوده

أخـاف ألا أكـون كـامـلـة لـديـه
أخـاف أن أكـون مـلـك يـديـه

أخـاف أن أهـجـره
أخـاف أن يـأتـى يـوم و لا أشـعـره

أخـاف مـن دمـوعـه
أخـاف أن أجـرحـه
أخـاف ألا أفـرحـه

أخـاف مـن كـل شـىء
أخـاف عـلـيـه مـن كـل شـىء

و أخـاف عـلـيـه مـنـه

أخـاف مـن قـراراتـه .. ألا تـنـصـفـنـى
أخـاف أن يـحـكـم عـلـى بـالـمـؤبـد فـى سـجـنـه

حـيـث لا يـنـبـغـى الـرحـيـل
أخـاف مـن حـب عـلـيـه قـلـيـل

أخـاف عـلـيـه ..... وأخـاف عـلـيـه
أخـاف مـن يـوم لا تـلـمـسـنـى فيـه يـديـه

أخـاف بـعـده و هـجـرانـه
أخـاف الـعـيـش فـى وطـن لـيـس بـمـكـانـه
أخـاف أن أصـيـر بـعـده ..... أشـلاء انــــســانــة

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I NeeD To FlY ........... !!!!!!!!

I ,
I Came For What U've...
For What U Did Offer..
I Agreed To Loose a Half..
While The Half I Get is Much Better...!!!

U Showed Me Food..
Water , Gave Me Home..
I Thought "WOW , That's Good..
I'll Be Safe From The Storm"...!!!

I Was Happy , So Much"..
I Loved My Golden Cage..
And Being Under Ur View , Under Ur Touch..
Loved Feeling like I'm On Stage..
Just Singing For U..
And U're The Only One Who Can Enjoy My Colours...!!!

But , Then ..
U Stopped Giving Me Water..
Suddenly , U Stopped Caring about Me..
Food Started Getting less , With No Water..
I'm So Damn Thirsty..
My Life Became So Meaning-Less..
Without U here To Care..
I Was on Danger , My Mind is a Mess...!!!

It's My End , I Can't Bear..
I Stayed Locked..
And U Forced Me To Sing..
BaBy , I'm So Shocked..
How Can I Feel Happy , While it Stings...!!!

I ,
I Started To Cry..
I Really Can't Sleep..
Damn , I Need To Fly..
Missing My Sky So Deep..
Miss Being Free...!!!

I ,
I Used To Be Strong..
But Now , While U're Locking Me..
I've Nothing To Do , To U I Belong..
But U Cheated , U Did Lie..
If U Ever Told Me How it's Goona Be..
I Wouldn't Live To cry..
I Would Know Whats Best Suits Me..

I Would Just Fly..
I Would Just Fly..
I Would Just Fly..

U Would Have To Look Up Just To See..
My Beautiful Colors at That High...!!!

Now Please , Just Let Me Go..
Don't Know Why U're Keeping Me Here..
Birds Like Me Belongs To The Sky , U Know..
So Please..
Let Me Fly away , Dear ...!!!

Let Me Fly away...!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

أجدر بالنسيان

جـلـسـت فـى الأمـس

جـلـسـت بـعـد مـغـيـب الـشـمـس

أحضـرت قـلـمـى و أوراقـى

لأعـبـر عـن أشـواقـى

ولـكـن خـطـرت لـى فـكـرة

و قـررت أن أخط بـعـض مـن الـذكـرى

فـكـتـبـت .... و رحـت أتـذكـر

أشـيـاء مـرت فـى داخـلـى , و لـم تـذكـر

كـتـبـت أسـمـاء و تـواريـخ و أحـداث و شـخـوص

مـن ذكـرى مـاض غـيـر مـلـمـوس

كـتـبـت عـن وجـوه مـرت فـى حـيـاتـى

سأظـل أذكـرهـم حـتـى مـمـاتـى

كـتـبـت عـن أول مـن عـلـمـنـى الـحـنـيـن

و أول مـن أعـطـانـى جـرعـة مـن الأنـيـن

كـتـبـت عـن الـذى لـطـالـمـا أحـبـبـتـه

و اخـر مـن كـرهـى لـه لـقـتـلـتـه

و عـمـن عـلـمـنـى أسـمـى الـمـعـانـى

و الـذى هـجـرنـى و تـركـنـى أعـانـى

و دونـت أسـمـاء , و أسـمـاء .... و أسـمـاء

أسـمـاء مـلأت عـرض الـسـمـاء

كـتـبـت اسـم أول مـن اقـتـرفـت مـعـه الـخـطـيـئـة

و أول مـن أخـبـرت بـأنـى لـسـت بـريـئـة

و اخـر قـبـلـتـه عـنـدمـا كـان صـغـيـرا

و ذاك الـذى اشـتـقـت لـه كـثـيـرا

ثـم تـوقـفـت ... لـحـظـات عـن الـكـتـابـة

ذهـلـت , و سـألـت سـؤال لـم أجـد لـه جـوابـا

أمـعـقـول ... أهـذا مـعـقـول ؟؟؟

والـلـه لا ادرى مـاذا أقـول

و عـدت لـدفـتـرى مـن جـديـد

و لـكـنـى لـم أعـد لأزيـد

بـل لأراجـع مـا قـد كـتـب

حـرفـا فـحـرفـا قـد حـسـب

و قـرأت سـطـورى مـرة , ثـم أخـرى ... فـثـانـيـة

انـى حـقـا لـجـانـيـة

أتـرانـى نـسـيـت ؟؟؟ و كـيـف أنـسـى

حـبـا أصـبـح فـى داخـلـى و أمـسـى

اذا لـمـاذا ؟؟ أيـن هـو اسـمـه؟؟

أيـن هـو حـدثـه و رسـمـه ؟؟

لـم أجـده .... لـم يـكـن اسـمـه مـكـتـوبـا

بـل لـم أجـد فـراغـا لـه مـحـسـوبـا

فـكـتـبـت ... و لـم أنـسـى

أن أتـرك سـطـرا خـالـيـا حـتـى لا يـنـسـى

و فـهـمـت أنـه لـطـالـمـا كـان

شـخـص فـى داخـلـى أجـدر بـالـنـسـيـان

Saturday, June 19, 2010

BelieVe ... !!

Somebody once asked me,
"In what do you believe?"
And I answered them simply,
"I believe in everything"

I believe in you,
I believe in me,
I believe in hope and faith,
And in reality..
I believe in innocence,
Because it makes me smile,
And I hope to see it so very soon,
On the face of my child..
I believe in passion,
And a love that burns so deep
Yes, I believe...
In everything

In the little steps of my life,
And where they take me
In living in the moment,
And in destiny...

Someone once asked me,
"Do you believe in anything?"
And I answered them simply,
"No, I believe in everything."

I believe in you,
I believe in me
I believe in sunny days,
When the sky is so clear
I believe in laughter,
And I believe in tears..
These two things can be the same,
In case you think that's weird
I believe in joy,
And yet in pain,
They are the things that shape us,
Make us who we will remain

In doing everything I can,
To help someone in need
In living in the moment,
And in destiny!

I believe in smiles!
And in finding your own way!
I believe in looking someone in the eyes,
And saying what you have to say
I believe in trust...
And in integrity
I believe in holding your head up high,
And facing the world with dignity

In doing everything I can,
To help someone in need
In living in the moment,
And in destiny...
I Just do believe ... !!

Friday, June 18, 2010

و هزمتك ___

استنيتك , فى اخر شارع مدهون بلون زاهى .... قلت تغير رأيك , و ترجع نمشى .. و نضحك و نفرح .. حتى الشارع يرقص و يلعب .. ايدك فى ايدى .. و باقى المطرة تغسل كل أحزانى , و قربك عيدى ... و الشوق يرسم قلبين و حديقة , و أمانى رقيقة , و شباك مفتوح للالفة , فى نص حوش واسع مدفوس بى شفع .. و حكاوى حبوبة لذيذة

بى شكل حماسى , أكيد حتقول بحبك , و انك ما ناسى ... بى صوت عاااااالى , و أنا كنت براهن انك مدمن أشيائى .. ضحكى و حبة اغرائى , و عينين بغرد فيها .. و أفراح مختزلة قديمة .. و حاجات بيناتنا صغيرة , لكن هى عظيمة

و أنا كنت بفكر فى انسان طيب .. انك حتقاوم كل دوافع الشرقى , و تقبل جنى .. و تصارع كل قراراتك بى هجرانى .... حتفكر مية مرة , مليون و حداشر .. جوانا مناظر , من حجوة قديمة ... فاطمة السمحة المسكينة

عارف ..... لى فترة طوييييلة , صاحبت احباطى , و أخيراااا حنستو يغير عنوانى ... قاومتك جواى .. قاومتك ... و زى ما يوم هنا بنيتك , هنا هدمتك ... قاومت ضعفى و رغبتى , و انكسارى

بى خط مستعجل , فى ورقة قديمة , كتبت ليك : أنا مشغولة حاليا , لى مدة أكيد حتطول ... غيرت البيت و التلفون , و هزمت أحزانى .. سافرت لواعج الحرمان , و هجرت أوكار الخنوع , غيرت الناس و الحلة ... و شنطة مدفوسة فى ايدى .. لا ببقاك و لا تبقانى , لا بلقاك و لا بتلقانى ... أشواقك الما بتتخلا ... صبحت هناك بعيدة

و هزمتك

Stay .... !!!!!

Please never leave me
now that I finally found you
I can't bear being without you
never again

Always stay close to me
Don't lie or deceive
just love me without doubts
or second thoughts

Don't change
even if you think it would make me happier
because I love you for who you are
all flaws included

And as the worries keep me awake
I feel you stir beside me
I hear you mumble my name
telling me you love me even in your sleep

No more sleepless nights for me
now that I know for sure
if you ever were to leave at all
you would take me with you


شكرا لوضعى فى الانتظار

شكرا لجعلى انكوى بالنار

شكرا للعذاب

عذاب دخلنى من ألف باب

شكرا للحنين

الذى استحال لاكوام من الأنين

و شكرا للخداع

شكرا لتحطيمى حتى النخاع

شكرا للرحيل

و لنسيان كل ما قد قيل

شكرا للذكريات

التى صارت كسطور فى روايات

شكرا كثيرا للذهاب

شكرا كثيرا للغياب

شكرا لاثباتك انك لست برجل

و ما الرجل الا بوعده بطل

شكرا للشهامة .. و المرِوءة .. و الوفاء

التى أضحت خيالا كحب ملأ السماء

و شكرا للدموع

شكرا لعدم الرجوع

شكرا لتحطيم تلك الروح

شكرا على القلب الملىء بالجروح

شكرا لحبك ... ذاك الحب

الذى علمنى كيف يموت القلب

عزيزى .... شكرا لمرورك بحياتى

حياتى التى استحالت الى مأساتى

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanx ........ !!!!!!!

Thanx For keeping me waitin ..
Thanx for putting me on hold ..
Thanx for just being facking ..
Telling me the sweetest words ever told ... !!

Thanx for giving me hope that you'll come back ..
Making me believe each word you say ..
But you were just like my little ugly jack ..
Lien , cheating , then disapearing away ... !!

Thanx for not telling me its over ..
And that we'll never be the same ..
Thanx for being like your brother ..
One of the fakers family , with no shame ... !!

Thanx for making it so hard ..
Telling them the worst things about me ..
I should 've known it from the start ..
That you'll break me like I never imagined I could be ... !!

Thanx ... Really , really thanx alot ..
for choosing her over me ..
Can I cry , or I should not .. ??
Giving my tears for someone could never get to see ... !!

And yeah , thanx , thanx very much ..
For the best days I've ever seen ..
Which you turned with your touch ..
To the worst that ever been ... !!

Sweety .... Thanx ALOT !!!!!!

WaiT ........... !!!!

I Know ...
That you can't let me go
I Know you want me back
I know you still miss me , Jack

And I miss you too ...
I miss everything about you
Your smile , eyes and your voice
Your true love for me , unlike the other boys

I still can't believe I'm doing so
But I really Can't get back to you .... !!!!!

You touched my soul ,,, Killed my pride ...
You left me wondering ,, Then you LIED
You did everything you knew I hate
You forgot our anniversary ,,, and called me late
You made me cry like I never did
You made me hold on to a love that never fit ... !!!

I ain't trying to make you feel regret
Cause I feel it every time I go to bed
I'm just trying to say NO
Though I was ready to do anything to never let you go
Although I know...
That you still waiting ,,, and I'm not in a hurry
But never ever 'll say sorry
Just you wait ,,,,,, and I'll wait ...
Till we wake up to realize its too late !!!!!!!!!

الــيــك وحـــدك

مع تلك الغيمة اتولدنا .... سحابة صيف صغيرة ... لهونا مع النجوم و انار القمر لنا طريقنا .... و لكن الامس طار مع اول هبة نسيم كورق الشجر المصفر الجاف حول بيت فرحنا

و أنا ,,, قد واظبت حتى الان ,,,, على ان اكون وفية ,,, كما يليق بمثلى ,,,, لأتواصل بشكل أو بأخر معك

الا اننى قد أتغيب هذه الأيام ,,,,, قسرا ..... لمدة قد تطول

فان كان ... فلا تقلق .... لأن جميع الغائبون يعودون فى اخر الامر .... و لو جثثا فى التوابيت

و أنا ..... ان لم أمت ... فاننى حتما سأعود

أما لو مت ... فسترجع روحى ترفرف فى بهيم الليل .... حول بيتك .... تبحث عن منفذ لتدخل

لهذااترك ... لو سمحت .... شباك حجرتك ... فى الليل .... مفتوحا

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You .... You don't get to tell me it's gonna be okay...
Or to draw a smile on my face..
You don't get to tell me to have a new day...
With another one in your place..
You don't get to tell me that I can forget about you...
Or I could easily fix my broken heart..
You just can't tell me what to do...
Cause you will never understand..!!!

You will never know how hard it feels...
To need someone who never knew..
Or to wait your whole life till your pain heals...
Cause you never knew what it means to love you..
Cause you will wake up tomorrow after dreaming of her...
With the alarm tone ,,, which she did choose..
Smiling while you send a "Good morning" message to her...
And back to put your alarm to snooze..!!!
You will be so happy ,,, With the one you love...
She is there for busying your mind ,,, and hold your hand..
Being with her all the time ,,, and you will never get enough...
That's why you will never get to understand..!!!

You will never know how it feels when you drag your self out of bed...
Starting your dark day ,,, with an hour late..
And many thoughts are busying your head...
As you are getting ready to face the most things that you hate..
Waking up with stress ,,, and a heart break...
You will never understand how it is to start a day..
With a lot of memories of someone that you really can't take...
And a lot of pain ,,, that I can't even say..!!!

You will never understand how it is to be me...
Or how it feels to be in my place..
So , you don't get to tell me how I can be...
Cause you never adored your face..
You will never know how it feels to see you passing by...
Or how you can make my whole world shine..
You will never know how hard it is to give you a "Hi"...
Or how everything with you feels just fine..!!!

Therefor ,,, You don't get to tell me how to treat my own land...
Or how to love you still..
Cause you never did understand...
And sure never will..!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

PleaSe ....!!!!!

May I don't know what's your name..

But I'm sure we're not the same..

Cause I can see your heart..

That want us to be apart..

It didn't take me time to find..

What you really keeps inside..

It doesn't matter what you say..

Cause I know you wont stay..

And I really hate to do that..

But I love you from my heart..

And baby you have got a face..

Never , never I can't replace..

But what can I say or do..

just to let you really know..

When you're broken how it feels..

And how good it is , when it heals..

I still think you're so sweet..

Oh , when I see you my heart skips a beat..

Just can't forget your silky touch..

Or your shiney eyes , that's so much..

And how you want me now to break it ??!!

Dear dear , I just can't take it..

You just don't know , When everything ain't true..

And your hopes are really few..

When you think you wont be the same again..

Then an angel comes to take your pain..

You were my angel that came from the sky..

And I never thought that angels lie..

Its a decision and I choosed..

But I know I've lost..!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Page From My Dairy...!!!!!

Wednesday__ 1:00 am

Well..2 dayz passed me by ,, 2 full confusin dayz...just full of pain ,, in the heart n even in the womb...and believe me ,, the heart ones are greater..Ooch !!
Nah, It's not like what you think..well, maybe it is, I dunno what you been thinkin bout..!!
And it's him..Yeah..I know I 've been just sayin all these great words bout him 2 dayz ago , like he's got a chance and am goin to stay...But nah nah nah...I've got this new friend from facebook and he really helped me through..he told me all the dirty secrets of their men kind...and the ways they use to cover n cheat on us..I mean he maybe cheated on his kind by tellin me that , but he DEF helped me alot..!!
I dunno.. But it's real..I took my final decision "I'M LEAVING HIM"..Yeah , but I'll do it silently , just gonna disapear..cause I know unless I did it this way he'll find a way to talk me to stay..and he's so much good in convincin..But I wont stay with someone who disrespect me and foolin me !!!
I'm plannin to send him a message laterz wishin him a good luck tomorrow , as it's his sub results..but wont do anythin that shows I care..I can't just call him and say "I'm breakin up with you"..Cause I know his beggin and explanation 'll break my heart and melt it over and over again..I'll be the one who break it up so he doesn't has to make excuses..I really wish him good luck tomorrow and forever..and you know what , if he failed tomorrow it's me the reason why , he was doin great before me , and amma let him go fix him self and go back to his great normal life that full of studyin..!!
I swear I'm not doin this and leavin this way just because I want to, like the other times..I really don't want to go..But I'be to..I don't want him to come one day and just say it's over..I don't wanna be a broken hearted girl as much as I don't wanna leave !!!
I gave this guy my EVERYTHIN'...but seems that my all wasn't good enough for him..and you gonna ask me "How did you know" ??..I didn't , and I still don't know... Cause it's impossible to know the truth from a cheater , from a lair , from a 2 faced man !!!
ANYWAY...I'm just writtin' this now to let you know that this decision has taken place in reality..and though my hearts aches for him..But I know we'll get over that by time..Me and my heart 'll be just fine..knowin that if this destiny meant to be.. then it'll be , and if what he said was true , then no matter what happens..he'll make us true..he'll come back, to get me back..and thats all the hope I need at the moment..just givin my self a little of hope and waitin..that he'll do the right thing..the right way ..!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

احـــتــرت فــيـــك

يـــــا جـمـيـل

يـــــاأحلى زول...فــى الــكــون عـمـوم

أنـا أصــلـى دائـمـا بـنـدهـك فـى الـدنـيـا قـبـال مــا تـكـون

خـلـيـنـى أسـمـع نـبـرة الـصـوت الـحـنــون

و وريــنـى ايـه مـعـنـى الـشـجـون...فــى ذمـة الـزمـن الـظـلـوم

غـيـر انـو تـبـعـدنـا الـمـسـافـة...و تـصـبـح الاحـلام هـمـوم

و الـذكـرى كـلـمـة بـنـنـطـقـا...لـكـن مـعـانـيـهـا بـتـدوم

و الـمـاضـى ايـه مـعـنـاه...لـو صـبـحـت أغـانـيـه بـتـلـوم


و الـحـاضـر الـقـاسـى الـصـبـح بـيـنـمـق كـل زول بـى هـيـأتـه

و بـى روعــتـه

و احـنـا نـغـالـط فـى الـزمـن و نـنـعـتـه


فـى غـفـلـة مـن بـسـمـة زمـن...شـفـتـك بـتـنـظـر لـلـقـمـر

يـا غـابـة عـمـرك مـا تـتـمـحـى

و أنــا مـدهـوشـة...اخـتـرت عـيـنـيـك عـن وعـى

لا تـعـبـت عـيـونـى مـن الـسـفـر شـان تـنـظـرك

و لا فـتـرت قـرايـحـى مـن الـشـعـر شـان تـمـدحـك

يـا ود

انــت كـمـلـت الـصتبـر الـمـا اتـلـقـى فـى اى بـال

مـا انـت جـسـدت الـمـعـانـى الـفـى الـشـعـر واصـل الـمـحـال

خـلاص كـمـل جـوا الـعـويـنـات الـمـنـام

و اتـدفـقـت أصـواتـنـا فـى بـحـر الـصـدى شـان تـنـدهـك

مـا انـت غـطـيـت المـكـان


خـلاص الـفـيـنـا جـد أصـبـح عـدم

و وصـلـنـا شـط بـحـر الـنـدم

مـا انـت فـى الـدنـيـا الـعـشـم

أصـلـى دايـمـا بـفـرضـك فـى الـدنـيـا مـن أى سـيـن

شـان يـصـبـح الـمـجـهـول عـلـم


أصـبـحـت يـوت سـارحـة مـعـاك

يـوم أمـدحـك...و يـوم أرسـى فـيـك

و مرات أتـهـجـى بـاقـى الـسـطـر...الـفـيـهـو جـمـلـة ريـدى لـيـك

و احـتـرت فـيـك

احـتـرت فـى نـظـرات عـيـونـك...و شـوقـى لـيـك

و اشـتـقـت لـى كـلـمـة بـحـبـك و مـشـتـهـيـك

و وقـفـت فـى نـص الـطـريـق...أفـتـش سـكـة تـسـوقـنـى لـيـك

و رجـعـت مـن نـص الـطـريـق...و وشـى مـشـتـاق لـى وشـيـك

و الـفـكـرة كـانـت ألـتـقـيـك

الا الـظـروف الـقـاهـرة اتـكـاتـفـت...شـان تـهـدم الـحـب الـفـى عـيـنـيـك


يـا ظـروفـى والـلـه بـعـشـق نـظـرتـو

و بـسـهـر عـشـان أسـمـع حـديـثـو و هـمـسـتـو

و بـرضـو الـظـروف مـانعـانـى ألـمـح طـلـتـو

و احـتـرت فـيـك

Saturday, January 2, 2010

When iT's Over

Standing behind the door she always knew..
But this time it's different..Very different though..
It was mid-night...And she was scared and ashamed
Thinking what should she say to not be blamed..
Inhaling a deep breath..Unsure if she should do this..
Feeling sorry for her family..And for herself more than this..
Looking behind her..She might leave and go back..
But he was gone and disappeared in that dark...!!!

Holding her purse so tight..She rang the bell..
Once , twice and again..They were sleeping, she could tell..
Minutes later the door was open..
With stares and words were spoken..
She dashed to her room..Dragging her suitcase behind..
Trying to search for some parts of her broken soul..But any she could not find..
Very Tired..Tired from tears and pain..
She threw her self on the bed..Ruminating the memory again and again..
With no reason she could find..
Just her husband words kept shuttling in her mind...!!!

Like a dream...Few months ago she were here..
Spoiled , happy...And with her toys every where..
Everything was still there..Everything was just the same..
But she isn't that little girl anymore..Only carrying her name..
But what was going on then...She just got divorced..
That word hurt her so much...So she cried , then paused..
Realizing that she had enough of tears..
Thinking how to face her parents with their greatest fears..??!!

How could she explain it..How could she face everyone ??
How could she tell her friends that her fake happiness is done ??
Whom she can complain to...No one she could go to..
She's scared from being questioned..
But Boy , There's a lot to be mentioned..
She couldn't hold any longer..Fighting the cry..
Crying harder every time she asks her self WHY ??
Stopping only to realize it's causing her slashes to bleed..
Making her remember stances she doesn't really need...!!!

She cried for her self..And how she tried to keep things in place..
For the people who expecting to see happiness on her face..
For her childhood and her life..Which were not the same..
And for him being unfaithful...With no shame..
Everything was a reason for her to cry more..
She thought about suiciding...As a solution to that sour..
So she decided to ask Allah To take her soul that night..
Everything seemed dead and ugly...Beneath the moon light...!!!

Looking to her mirror...She saw a ghost..
She looked like everything she hated the most..
Her face was swallowing red..Marked with his last slap..
She looked like a shrub been sucked all it's sap..
Trying to gain some strength..She started to pray..
Regretting every second she spent with him..Everyday...!!!!!!

Minutes later...And the Sun did rise..
Reflecting its rays on her window..Shining her eyes..
And with a new morning..With a new day..
All dark clouds faded , Rain stopped..As the Sun made it's way....!!!!