Thanx ........ !!!!!!!

Thanx For keeping me waitin ..
Thanx for putting me on hold ..
Thanx for just being facking ..
Telling me the sweetest words ever told ... !!

Thanx for giving me hope that you'll come back ..
Making me believe each word you say ..
But you were just like my little ugly jack ..
Lien , cheating , then disapearing away ... !!

Thanx for not telling me its over ..
And that we'll never be the same ..
Thanx for being like your brother ..
One of the fakers family , with no shame ... !!

Thanx for making it so hard ..
Telling them the worst things about me ..
I should 've known it from the start ..
That you'll break me like I never imagined I could be ... !!

Thanx ... Really , really thanx alot ..
for choosing her over me ..
Can I cry , or I should not .. ??
Giving my tears for someone could never get to see ... !!

And yeah , thanx , thanx very much ..
For the best days I've ever seen ..
Which you turned with your touch ..
To the worst that ever been ... !!

Sweety .... Thanx ALOT !!!!!!


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