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The story**

All I have in this world is a body..& a broken heart
All I'm is a remaining of a human been cut in 1000 part
And the story didn't even end
However I'm gonna apologize or spend
It wont be finished by a love inside me need to be alive
a love I dreamed to be true..for that I survive
And now I only know..that its written on my face
that the past wont be forgetten..& what happened wont be replaced
It was a story..I lived in with all I could..everyday
but time didn't like this..& I have to obay
To let it go..never had a chance for a good bye
And it doesn't matter if I'll live after or die
it doesn't matter if I'm still chasing..cause it faded away
I was a fool to it's time to pay
A story of a dead always always behind
I can't get or even's blooing my mind
A story of a black rose..throughed in the graveyard alone
It can't be alive..or even make the love dead..all is …

When Jack was back..

Many years went..
a lot of time I spent Thought that could heal my pain
then I wont love again
I walked many years alone
Heard people of my own
And now I just met you..
You did your best to let it show
You still caring about your own sack
And want to come back..!!
Finally now I got you
my whole dreams came true
I still cant believe it
its so strange..maybe a little bit
I kept wondering how come is that
How can it all go bad
I asked you to explain..
why are you back..the reason,the mean
I couldn't believe my lovely jack..
now is back..!!
I started to break the built
when happiness took me to the end
I thought too much about
then my love was killed by my doubt
I couldn't see how was that so sweet
My heart stopped the beat..!!
I spent whole life loving without you
and it just disappeared when I got you
I spent years can't forget
I really shocked cause now I can let
You said you can get any girl to love you
but you 'll never find someone loves you as I do
You felt proud to find who cares
and really thoug…