The story**

All I have in this world is a body..& a broken heart

All I'm is a remaining of a human been cut in 1000 part

And the story didn't even end

However I'm gonna apologize or spend

It wont be finished by a love inside me need to be alive

a love I dreamed to be true..for that I survive

And now I only know..that its written on my face

that the past wont be forgetten..& what happened wont be replaced

It was a story..I lived in with all I could..everyday

but time didn't like this..& I have to obay

To let it go..never had a chance for a good bye

And it doesn't matter if I'll live after or die

it doesn't matter if I'm still chasing..cause it faded away

I was a fool to it's time to pay


A story of a dead always always behind

I can't get or even's blooing my mind

A story of a black rose..throughed in the graveyard alone

It can't be alive..or even make the love dead..all is gone


I wonder why ever your ghost visit me one day

sometimes while I'm awake..I've much to say

You 'll take about my situation a quize

I'll be like'll realize

You are so spicial..the happiness of omdurman

I'm so sick..can't our hearts be together??..may they can!!

And the story didn't end

Even by a drown ship in the ocean..titanic I meant

It still going on..may no one can see

but it's still so the side of me..!!


Nils said…
so sad but so pretty. greetings from Europe!

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