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AwaY !!!!

Rain pours outside my door..
It's thick drops knocking and scaring me more and more...
Many thoughts 're busying my mind..
I just realized that those feeling 're not so blind..
And that Ship is sailing and wont come back..
Crossing the widest ocean ,, Carrying my baby Jack...!!!

Leaving me here with your ghost so alone..
And I even can't reach your phone..
Acting like everything is so OK..
While you're so far away..
Love and Hate 're tearing my heart..
Drawing some faces in the art of art..
Calling some friends like last year..
Everything must be the same ,, Without you dear...!!

Like these black clouds moving with air..
Butterflies of your face're everywhere..
Surrounded with my blanket...Feeling safe some way..
Like your warm hug...on your last day..
Rain drops still making sweet noise..
Just like your sleepy voice...!!!

Some of your memories...and some of your lies..
With some of my longing to you..Bring tears to my eyes..
And I know I gave you a word...To never cry..
But Whil…