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احـــتــرت فــيـــك

يـــــا جـمـيـل

يـــــاأحلى زول...فــى الــكــون عـمـوم

أنـا أصــلـى دائـمـا بـنـدهـك فـى الـدنـيـا قـبـال مــا تـكـون

خـلـيـنـى أسـمـع نـبـرة الـصـوت الـحـنــون

و وريــنـى ايـه مـعـنـى الـشـجـون...فــى ذمـة الـزمـن الـظـلـوم

غـيـر انـو تـبـعـدنـا الـمـسـافـة...و تـصـبـح الاحـلام هـمـوم

و الـذكـرى كـلـمـة بـنـنـطـقـا...لـكـن مـعـانـيـهـا بـتـدوم

و الـمـاضـى ايـه مـعـنـاه...لـو صـبـحـت أغـانـيـه بـتـلـوم


و الـحـاضـر الـقـاسـى الـصـبـح بـيـنـمـق كـل زول بـى هـيـأتـه

و بـى روعــتـه

و احـنـا نـغـالـط فـى الـزمـن و نـنـعـتـه


فـى غـفـلـة مـن بـسـمـة زمـن...شـفـتـك بـتـنـظـر لـلـقـمـر

يـا غـابـة عـمـرك مـا تـتـمـحـى

و أنــا مـدهـوشـة...اخـتـرت عـيـنـيـك عـن وعـى

لا تـعـبـت عـيـونـى مـن الـسـفـر شـان تـنـظـرك

و لا فـتـرت قـرايـحـى مـن الـشـعـر شـان تـمـدحـك

يـا ود

انــت كـمـلـت الـصتبـر الـمـا اتـلـقـى فـى اى بـال

مـا انـت جـسـدت الـمـعـانـى الـفـى الـشـعـر واصـل الـمـحـال


When iT's Over

Standing behind the door she always knew..
But this time it's different..Very different though..
It was mid-night...And she was scared and ashamed
Thinking what should she say to not be blamed..
Inhaling a deep breath..Unsure if she should do this..
Feeling sorry for her family..And for herself more than this..
Looking behind her..She might leave and go back..
But he was gone and disappeared in that dark...!!!

Holding her purse so tight..She rang the bell..
Once , twice and again..They were sleeping, she could tell..
Minutes later the door was open..
With stares and words were spoken..
She dashed to her room..Dragging her suitcase behind..
Trying to search for some parts of her broken soul..But any she could not find..
Very Tired..Tired from tears and pain..
She threw her self on the bed..Ruminating the memory again and again..
With no reason she could find..
Just her husband words kept shuttling in her mind...!!!

Like a dream...Few months ago she were here..
Spoiled , happy...And with h…