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A Dear Friend •◘○

We're the best of friends as we used to..
Always reading my mind & what passes through..
I think I'm falling for you..
And you should never know..
I wont tell you,,
Cause I don't want you to go..
I'll keep my secret,,'ll never let it show
You'll never catch me stairing at you..
Never 'll feel my body tremble while I'm beside you..
Or even hear my heart beating just for you..
Never 'll see the joy that I feel whenever I see you..
Or the love that I'm hiding from you..
You'll never hear me whisper how much I miss you..
Just B'coz you should never know..!!
You're my best friend..& like that I'm gonna keep you..
To be a friend & just a "sis" thats what I'm going to..
Cause I don't wanna loose you..!!!!
I'll force my self to get over you..
I'll get it done..& my heart 'll pass it through..
And in no time I'll be back to the one you used to know..
And you wont feel a change..Cause from the start you d…


Posted on my life & across my memory..
Someone 'll always be written on my history..
He just has to be there,
When I check out the clock...
Then I hear that voice,
When the secrets lock..
Whatever happens,,Whatever it takes
Always reminding me of my unforgiven mistakes..!!
Sometimes when I look for I never find..
It leads me to wonder if I turned blind..
But just I know when I hear that sound,
That he's there..& 'll always be around..!!
So scary when you look..So kind when you feel
With a gentle touch makes all your pain heal..!!
So sweet in sometimes..Sometimes he's not..
I hate him sometimes,,while in the most I miss him alot..
Someone has whole the world in the palm of his hand
But never cared about..I don't understand..
He was my dear & 'll be
Just someone for sure is made for me
Wherever he's I know we wont be apart..
Cause we're always linked heart to heart..
I don't know where you live now..Or where did you go..
But I'll always be chased by the gohe…

♦♦A Dream♦♦

Do I need U..??
Of course I dO!!
Sweety, I lOve U sO bad..
U're my One,,U didn't knOw that??
U're the One..dOn't ask me whO..
Just maKe me sure that drEams do come trUe..!!
BUT fOr U I'm jUst A friend..
Who is gOing to stay this way till the end..!!!!
I dunnO why..?!
Always my heart leads me tO cry..
I had enough tears..ENOUGH being sad..
& really U're driving me mad..!!
It has tO be shaken..
The bOnd of sister & brother must bE brOken..!!
I dunnO hOw..?!
Or why did I fall fOr U nOw..
AlOt Of Questions I can't explain
I jUst dOn't wanna bE hUrt again..
It jUst happend..against my will..
I swear I tried to fight back..I can't tell
U're taking me to heaven every time U stare..
& Ur wOrds take me tO....I dunnO where!!!!!!!
SO please..can U bE mine..??!!
Can U make mE feel like everything'll be jUst fine?!
I knOw that's too much..& I'm asking alOt
But I can't stOp these feelings...As U can't stOp being HOT..!!☺☺

○○That's○ ○ME...○○

Every sun rise..any water fall..
Any teary eyes..Every single soul..
Anything clear..& some of what people hide..
Every single dream that I keep inside..!!
Every empty space..
All reminds me that I've no place
Even my dearest memories are gone..
Taking with them every thing I was hanging on..!
I'm not alone..You should know
I'm just a girl who has a heart like a rock..
& its melting with every TIK from the clock..!!
Just someone who is surrounded by fools..
& used to break all the rules..!!
& every every way..
All are just the same
Don't point your finger,,I wont take any blame..
Just give me time & you'll see..
That not only you interesting in me..!!
I've multi-choises & I've to choose..
So sunshine, be careful not to loose..
Now..I can't promise you..
I've nothing to give..Or to do..!!
I'm just a girl from forests who wants to stay..
& you gonna meet me there..everyday..!!!


Away so much to say
About how it felt on that day..
It's too hard to tell..
like being in hell
When I'll go out this shell..??!
How'd anyone understand..?!
That I just wanted to hold his hand..
To fly all over the world and never land
How'd I make it clear,,make it right..??
That I didn't mean to cheat or to cause a fight..
He was just my beloved on that night..!!
It took no time to start
But meant everything to my heart..
And I'd never wish us getting apart..!!
I didn't want him to go..
Cause from the start he shouldn't know..!!
That's why..
And I couldn't even deny..
Who'll stop my cry..?!
WORDS..if they could express what's inside..
I'wouldn't really start to hide..
But, the sun can't stop giving light..
I just choosed to never stay that close..
I knew maybe he doesn't feel the same..maybe he does..
Guess its not the way it goes..!!!
& I never heard about him again..!!