The ... PrinCesS ... Of ... ForesTs ... !!!

Every Memory iS a SiGn ..... ThaT DefeniTly Once U Were Mine ... I'll Carry U iN My HearT and HolD U iN My MinD, Where U Can Be SaFe ... AwaY From PeoPle's OpiniOns, and WhaT's WronG and WhaT's RiGhT, AwaY From The No0ns Sun RaYs, and The ColD Of The NiGhT, AwaY From ChilDreN's FinGer PrinTs, and PeoPle eYes SiGhT ........ !!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Posted on my life & across my memory..
Someone 'll always be written on my history..
He just has to be there,
When I check out the clock...
Then I hear that voice,
When the secrets lock..
Whatever happens,,Whatever it takes
Always reminding me of my unforgiven mistakes..!!
Sometimes when I look for I never find..
It leads me to wonder if I turned blind..
But just I know when I hear that sound,
That he's there..& 'll always be around..!!
So scary when you look..So kind when you feel
With a gentle touch makes all your pain heal..!!
So sweet in sometimes..Sometimes he's not..
I hate him sometimes,,while in the most I miss him alot..
Someone has whole the world in the palm of his hand
But never cared about..I don't understand..
He was my dear & 'll be
Just someone for sure is made for me
Wherever he's I know we wont be apart..
Cause we're always linked heart to heart..
I don't know where you live now..Or where did you go..
But I'll always be chased by the gohest of you..!!!