Away so much to say
About how it felt on that day..
It's too hard to tell..
like being in hell
When I'll go out this shell..??!
How'd anyone understand..?!
That I just wanted to hold his hand..
To fly all over the world and never land
How'd I make it clear,,make it right..??
That I didn't mean to cheat or to cause a fight..
He was just my beloved on that night..!!
It took no time to start
But meant everything to my heart..
And I'd never wish us getting apart..!!
I didn't want him to go..
Cause from the start he shouldn't know..!!
That's why..
And I couldn't even deny..
Who'll stop my cry..?!
WORDS..if they could express what's inside..
I'wouldn't really start to hide..
But, the sun can't stop giving light..
I just choosed to never stay that close..
I knew maybe he doesn't feel the same..maybe he does..
Guess its not the way it goes..!!!
& I never heard about him again..!!


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