The ... PrinCesS ... Of ... ForesTs ... !!!

Every Memory iS a SiGn ..... ThaT DefeniTly Once U Were Mine ... I'll Carry U iN My HearT and HolD U iN My MinD, Where U Can Be SaFe ... AwaY From PeoPle's OpiniOns, and WhaT's WronG and WhaT's RiGhT, AwaY From The No0ns Sun RaYs, and The ColD Of The NiGhT, AwaY From ChilDreN's FinGer PrinTs, and PeoPle eYes SiGhT ........ !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AwaY !!!!

Rain pours outside my door..
It's thick drops knocking and scaring me more and more...
Many thoughts 're busying my mind..
I just realized that those feeling 're not so blind..
And that Ship is sailing and wont come back..
Crossing the widest ocean ,, Carrying my baby Jack...!!!

Leaving me here with your ghost so alone..
And I even can't reach your phone..
Acting like everything is so OK..
While you're so far away..
Love and Hate 're tearing my heart..
Drawing some faces in the art of art..
Calling some friends like last year..
Everything must be the same ,, Without you dear...!!

Like these black clouds moving with air..
Butterflies of your face're everywhere..
Surrounded with my blanket...Feeling safe some way..
Like your warm hug...on your last day..
Rain drops still making sweet noise..
Just like your sleepy voice...!!!

Some of your memories...and some of your lies..
With some of my longing to you..Bring tears to my eyes..
And I know I gave you a word...To never cry..
But While you're away ,,, How can I ??!!!
So lonly , so depressed and so sad..
Do you know that what you did to me is so bad ??

Two lonly souls roaming earth on cold bare feet..
Estimated for them to never meet..
I placed my moon above you..To reflect your picture to my sight..
Lighting your way ,,, Darking my night..
I asked Desert to cool it's sand..
And telling its hot breeze to hold your hand..
Ocean agreed to stay quiet and calm..
With my love and care ,, nothing can do you any harm..!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

LonleY iS The Me......!!!

No One Can sTay Lonley....Forever...maybe from a time to time we go to our private world where we can be alone on our own....n sometimes not...!!!
Sometimes Surronded by people that know you but really they don't know a thing makes U lonley....why should I join in their stupid conversations ?? n also I can't just jumb n leave.....!!!
Some people thinks life is changing fast...But really they stay on their same spot whith their same thoughts n speechs....Uh!!! Like my lovely friend who always talk on the same subjects EVERYTIME..Can U imagine what 'd it be like listenin' to her talking the same but never mangin' to slap her fluffy face ???!!!
Well...For me when I feel that I really not on the mood or that I'll be bored I just rather to stay home n play some online games..!!!
I know this startin' ain't like me but I really feel like trapped in this world with this people that yah I l love very much but they're killing me...n NO I can't change them or even 've a better ones..!!!
Maybe it's all from me..maybe I'm the problem...But there's somethings worth fighting for while never worthin' dying for...!!!
I've been lookin' for a place to hide...I swear if I could find somewhere that I can be alone I'll be happier than ever before...But how n where??
These days I've been so much hard to reach..throwin' ma cell phone away n appearn offline always...people started to ask where I'm n if I'm ok....n even some of them started thinkin' that I'm avoidin' them in purpose...Uh people I just wanna be alone I NEED A BREAAAAAK...why no one understands me ??? n why the hell he left ?? n why do I seem very bad ?? just WHY ??

I know I might be in a ruins...when I gave up the fight...I really don't need anything while I'm at the end of the road n really loosin all sense of control...My faith walks on a broken glass...n my hangover dosn't pass...!!!
Like I said all is not workin' with me..I'm stuck...n I hate to say this but I really miss him too...why should he leave at the most times I ever needed him?? should I just accept his sorry n go back ?? NO,,,the pain weight out my pride..n nothin's ever seems to last...I wanna try to leave or live on my own !!!!!
iF you looked to my life you may see it different %110 than what I'm saying now... But did you ever try to walk on my shoes n see how it really goes when you can't get another chance to try wether to live or die ?? how it really feels to be me the only one attacked by people eyes n tongues...Do you know what it means to be the princess of forests That one of a kind girl????? WELL...I really don't think I'm a one of a kind,,, But 've they really looked closer?? inside my glory shell ??
NOPE ....N THEY'LL NEVER DO........!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


It was so magic-like to end this fast...
But it's too late to tell I'm hopin' it'd last..
As my clock announcin' mid-night..
Everythin' is so still..Beneath the full moon light..
Now everythin' is so different..
I feel so lonely,,,While you're so distant..
Everythin' has changed...And none is here to blame..
Really nothin' is the same...!!!!!!
Boy..Since the day you went away..
Nothin' feels at all ok..
With me..
Life is not like what it used to be..!!

Never thought that you can get that far..Never before..
Till I watched your heart walkin' out of my door..!!
So hard ?? So Bad ??..So painfull..Unfair..
How could you really break that stare..??!!!!
That golden bond conectin' our hearts..
How could you break it to so many parts..??!!!
Do you know ?? Do you trust ?? Do you believe ??
That I really didn't want you to leave..??!!!
Do you know how much you mean to me ??!!
I swear for me lettin' go wasn't easy...But could you see ??

Sweet angel..Don't you ever miss the Sudan sunrise ??
And the view of stars reflected in our eyes..??
The smell of peace that makes everythin' feels alright..
Or the sound of our stares through that night..??!!!!!
If I knew that we only have one more day...Only one..
I'd try to talk time to never run..
But who could tell that you're leavin'...On your own..
Leavin' Me , Friends and the place that we call home..
I'd never let you go..
But I really didn't know..!!!

Please tell me that you'll come back..
I need you here..I only need to know that..
Promise I'll be here when you come back..
Cause without you my colored life turns black..
And I really don't want to miss..
Another evenin' without you here like this..!!!

Please I need to know that you goanna call me..
And every promise you did is goin' to be..
Please just tell me is this for real..??
Are you goin' to break our deal..??
Tell me cause everythin' has to be Okay..
When you're away..!!!!

Is this our goodbye ?? is it the end ??
Wishin' each other a good life...Without you My beloved and friend..??
You know I can keep it good..So good to be true..
But I wont make it to the life I dreamed about..Without you..
I can keep it stabled..With air , drinks and food..
But Boy believe me I rather make it great than good..!!
I can live with all this pain..just keepin' it inside..
I'll do anythin' to never swallow my pride..
But 'll never know the meanin' of happiness..Never feel the best..
Cause whatever I might do..Without you my heart 'll never find rest..!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Good things never last forever..
Though we once were together..
I'd never ask for more..
Till you walked out of my door..
I knew I'm just a sister...and a friend
But thought this was going to end..
I waited & waited..But couldn't see a sign..
But eventually I knew you'll never be mine...!!!
She's My girl...& I've all control..
But I didn't meant it to be this way at all..
Just a game I used yo play..
Till it fliped 180 on me that day..!!!
You knew You're my one..& it's my town..
Though you went & broke my heart..Destroyed my crown..
Different,,That what I thought..Somehow,,Someway..
But Eventually I wear glasses cause of my ray..
I don't know how to describe that feeling..When you stole my heart..
How you made me fall for you...From the start..
But amaizing how I didn't say "It's not fair"..
Actually it's amaizing how I really didn't care..
Just suddenly..I lost my interest in you..
Even though somedays breathing seems hard to do..
Without you..
Eventually I'll move on you..Like it's nothing new..
I believe that when we loose something,,we get another to replace
But really I can't imagine something can take over your place..
****** the end of time..
But I might not accept your sorry after that crime..
I'm just going to push you aside...away from my heart..
Till I mange to rebuild it..part by part..
it's amaizing how I really wanted to change...For you..
I'd do you things I never thought I can..& You never knew..!!
I don't want your gifts..Don't want your love..
Don't need your lies..I've had enough..!!
So funny..That you're the first I care about that way..
And now you making me regret it...Everyday..
The Princess is kicking you out of her castle...Forever
Hope you find street life is better..
& I know I'm going to miss you like hell..
But from the start you didn't know...Cause I didn't tell...!!!!

You'll know the truth..Don't be sorry for that.
Tears'll stop torturing my pillow..Wont be sad.
Sun'll shine On my world..Rain'll stop the fall.
Time'll pass by..Dreams'll break the wall.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Murdered By 2 .. .. ..

Here U are....Falling for two..

Believing them both...Falling for true..

Giving them Ur heart is something bad to do..

WHY?? Why U believed...Though U knew..

Both are unfaithful...And soon they will go..

U believed in Them...And they tortured U in ways U never knew..

But U couldn't go over them...U wont do..


Here U are again...Falling for two..

Falling for the dreams U never saw..

But let's talk in private....Between me and U..

Both were good...So good to U..

Both knew how to touch Ur heart....And pass it through..

They knew how to slip easily...When they are over U..

Silence..!!! U hate it...But U have nothing else to do..

Why U didn't complain,,urge....Tell them "STOP",,Both of U..?!


Here U are...Feeling guilty,,,Feeling pain..

Crying Ur nights out....Again and again..

Loosing hope...U wish if U could die...

Rememebering their fake smiles...When they lie..

Missing them so much...U can't make another day..

Hating them so much...And every word they say..

Why always bad things happen...By the name of LOVE..??

Why when U need more...They always say enough..??


Now U are trying to gather Ur heart parts...Before U go..

But Though...Ur heart is Murdered By two....!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Name Was Sun….!!

A sweet Rose in the park…
Been picked up in the dark..
A young Princess in the wood..
Thought everything will be so good…!!
Every time I look back..
I keep seeing my dead Jack..
Instead of moving on…I refuse to see..
Stuck in the past…That’s the truth of me…!!
Looking at my reflection on the wall..
Why do I care at all..??
If I can find you the way you found me..
Then I’d never set you free..
You’re my special angel..making me feel alright..
The shiny moon in my darkest night…!!
But I can’t be with you...I can’t fly..
I’m The Princess of Forests..Land is my high..
I can be the sun that gives you light..
So please don’t look at me..or you will loose your sight
I can be there always for you…Never pass my turn..
But these are your limits…Cause sometimes I burn…!!
Being my special one doesn’t need you to get in my heart..
Just be a part of my life…And I need that part…!!
It’s my pleasure to be the angel that guard your soul..
I can take your hands to heaven’s wall…!!!
People…. My name was sun..
Once…As the summer begun…!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When I knew..
I Couldn't believe it's you..
I was so confused..Don't know what to do..
Would I even receive an invitation from you..??!
And unless..Should I go..??
I put on my cool stuff like the day was mine..
My heart beating so fast..nothing seem to be fine..
My makeup was so simple..and I didn't care..
I just wanted to see you..and tell you it's not fair..
Cause you didn't choose me to share..!!
When I entered that big lighting hall..
Wondering should I have a seat? Or just stand by the wall..?!
My teary eyes looking everywhere..
Everyone was asking "How Could She Dare"..??
Uh..I could see "Indian" passing me through..
That's "Spy Hard", and your sister with her kids too ..!!
Your young cousins were so spread..
I Know I was just looking like dead..
"Ugly Face" was trying to look pretty as much as she can..
I just couldn't believe that I'm standing on the wedding of my man..!!
I could see all your friends,, The tall one too..???
God, I don't even remember when he became a friend of you..
Some saw me and wondered what brought me here..??!!!!!!!!
WHY?? Can't I for the last time see my dear..??????
Time was flying..But, passing me so slow..
Wondering "Honey,,Where the hell are you"..????!
Music was filling the place..For me it's like a gun..
I thought after some hours I'll be done..!!
OH,, I could see your mother looking at me..
Really, How could she still remember me..???
She was the only one who understood my heart..
I'm really regretting the days I stayed apart..!!
DAMN..My best friends came too..!!!!!
I thought they 'll never do..
Well,,none can let you down..My sweet boy..
Everyone was smiling..all feeling joy..!!
I tried to stay invisible from their eyes..
But unfortunatly..Everone could realize..
What's wrong people..?? What if none invited me..??
I just came to say goodbye for what we used to be..!!!
Suddenly,, Women started shrilling so high..
Ladies Shouting and claping..Guys whistling to die..
Every single eye was just focusing on that light..
The Music turned slow..I somehow liked that sight..
I was still standing on my place..
My heart beating so hard..My tears running like if they were on race..!!
I couldn't believe how beautiful are you..
Just like an angel with that light around you..
Your diamonds in your mouth that shows when you smile..
You know I could never close your file..!!
Your sweet brown eyes showing the happiness that was in you..
Just shining like a star,,which meant forever to glow..
I finally managed to see you..But on the wrong day..
Without I notice I was moving on your way..
You were busy taking greetings from people who gathered around..
You wouldn't realize that I was walking without touching the ground..
Yes, I was flying to reach you..
How could you see??,While that monster in white besides you..
She was feeling like a queen on your kingdom..
I didn't understand..once you were like a wisdom..!!
People pushing me aside,, So they could see you..
Now I'm at the far corner watching the view..
My Moon..You looked so handsome in that black suite..
Giving earth a reason to be with the steps of your foot..
My mind kept shouting on me "IT SHOULD BE YOUR DAY"..
My heart wanted to give a quick reply..But it didn't know what to say..!!
Tears were falling to make a lake underneath me..
That day I knew I've no control on anything inside of me..!!
Shouldn't it be my day..My great day..??!!!!
Wish if I could stand on her place..pushing her away..
You still moving..Girls throwing flowers on you..
Cameras everywhere..just picturing you..
And your friends were there just feeling proud..
But your brothers and cousins looked like in a big doubt..
My friends there commenting on the way you move..
You were feeling anxiouse..I know you love..!!!
Then you reached the center of the hall..
You turned to face her..I held my self to the wall..
You took her hands in yours..Giving her a big smile..
I hate that one you picked,, she's loving in style..!!!
I could see you looking in her eyes..
She were acting like shy..Don't know if she could realize..
I can't forget this way you used to look at me..
It means a lot of love and promises..I think she couldn't see..
Then you whispered in her ears..Pulling her close..
You hugged her to dance..Sweety, You took no time to forget about rose..!!!
Music turned sweet..
This view made me loose my last beat..
Then I could see it's over..Time wont come back..
I think you put magic on me to never forget you jack..
Everyone back to his seat very happy..
But, I couldn't keep on that way..I felt dizzy..
You went to your golden sofa on the stage..
Then I made a little laugh..When I thought you entered the cage..
UHH..I really wanted to be your locker..Want to own you..
Jacky..NObody can love you as I do..!!
Some of your family started to show..
Just like bees flying around a flower..They roamed around you.
Your mother needed a hand to climb up..
OH.."Indian" has a kid..who didn't stop the jumb..
A little longer and your hairless brother came in..
"Fish face" became so thin..
Everyone of them I had a lot of memories with..
Well,,Guess your girl can't beat me on this..!!!
OH GOD..I never felt such lonely..
I was loosing my beloved one and only..
None could feel me..none felt my pain..
I was praying to get strength to live again..
The sweet guy arrived with broken..
When he saw me,,The view made him shaken..!!
The crowd around my jack made me breathless..
The place was full of people,,I saw it's all mess..
All were loving the new king of today..
But,She doesn't deserve to be called a queen..I would never say..
Then I decided to do it..whatever it takes..
I didn't care what 'll happen next..I made worst mistakes..
I stood on the way..infront of all..
I started stepping slowley through the hall..
Everyone looked at me..eyes froze on me..
I wouldn't care less..I was already hurt,pain inside of me..
The amazement,shocking comments I could hear..
Then I was standing in the middle..facing my dear..!!!
My eyes were saying much to him..If he could understand..
And when he saw me he let go of her hand..
I walked like a ghost towards them..
My eyes focused on his..GOD, I miss him..
His face showed his fear..or it was anger..??!
His confusing told her that she was on danger..
Don't be afraid beast,,I wont kill you..
My man loves you..and I'll never hurt him..'ll never do..
I just came to congratulate him..even though I didn't know what to say..
Words disappear when we look to each other that way..
Silently,,I did what I had to do..and held my cry..
Walked on my way..never looked back..I already said goodbye..
Then I walked out of your heart forever..
I know I'll never see your face again..NEVER..!!
You hoped if she could take care of you..
And I hoped if time could make me forget about you..!!
I got on my car and drove as fast as I could..
But I don't remember what happened next..Wish if I could..
At least I got my chance to see you..
And my dream just came true..
I kept picturing that bullet I shot sinking deep in your heart..
I could mange to escape before the appearance of your blood start..
Baby,,Once you told me that your heart 'll be forever my place..
I was just protecting my most important property..So why that look on your face??!!
The last thing I did was ending your life..
But after you I could never manage to survive..!!
Guess everyone said that I meant to do it..But I really didn't know..
That loosing your life 'll cause loosing mine too..!!!
Broken hearts never should drive..
Specially if they were trying to survive..
Cause when jack is gone..Rose 'll never stay alive..

Monday, March 2, 2009

رسالة من تحت الماء

ن كنتَ صديقي.. ساعِدني..

كَي أرحَلَ عَنك..!

أو كُنتَ حبيبي.. ساعِدني..

كَي أُشفى منك..!

لو أنِّي أعرِفُ أنَّ الحُبَّ خطيرٌ جِدَّاً..

ما أحببتْ...

لو أنِّي أعرفُ.. أنَّ البَحرَ عميقٌ جِداً..

ما أبحرتْ...

لو أنِّي أعرفُ خاتمتي..

ما كنتُ بَدأتْ...!


إشتقتُ إليكَ فعلِّمني..

أن لا أشتاقْ..!


كيفَ أقُصُّ جذورَ هواكَ.. من الأعماقْ...


كيف تموتُ الدمعة.. في الأحداقْ...

علِّمني.. كيفَ يموتُ القلبُ..

وتنتحرُ الأشواقْ...


إن كنتَ نبيّاً..

خلصني من هذا السحرْ...

من هذا الكفرْ...

حبّكَ كالكفر.. فطهِّرني..

من هذا الكفرْ...

إن كنتَ قويَّاً..

أخرجني.. من هذا اليَمّ..

فأنا لا أعرفُ فنَّ العومْ..!


الموجُ الأزرقُ في عينيك..

يُجرجِرُني نحوَ الأعمقْ..!



لا شيءَ سوى اللون الأزرقْ..!

وأنا ما عندي تجربةٌ..

في الحُبِّ .. ولا عندي زَورَق..!

إن كُنتُ أعزُّ عليكَ فَخُذ بيديَّ..

فأنا عاشِقَةٌ من رأسي حتَّى قَدَمَيَّ!!!

إني لأتنفَّسُ تحتَ الماء..

إنّي أغرقْ..



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Whenever I hold U tight...
When I tell U " it's gonna be alright "...
When everytime U look and find me there...
Then when I whisper " I LOVE U DEAR "...
When U look into my eyes,,seeing its true...
That I'll always be the woman of U....
Baby,,Whenever U feel my touch...
And when I scream " I need U so much "...
When I call U every minute to make sure U're ok...
Just when I express my love into every single way...
Sweety,,When U rest on my heart at night...
Do U still think of me when we turn off the light..??????
Am I the Queen of Ur dreams,,always in Ur head...???!
Or do U wish if it was her....Instead??!!
When U stare at me and Ur eyes never wink..
Can U tell me about which one U think..??!!
How could I be the one holding Ur hand..??
And Ur soul is away with her..I can't understand...!!!!!!!
Baby,when U gaze in the space,,,making no sound..
Do U really wish if she could be the one around..???
Do U want her to be in my place..??!!
When U look at me...Do U see her face..??!!
Baby,,Can U really replace me..??!
Do U pray if she could stay and forever to be...??!!
U want to prove how U can get everything U needing...
But without her Ur heart 'll keep on bleeding...!!!!
I swear it's killing me..But I've to act like I don't care...
Why should she get everything I want..that's not fair....
Why should I give my love to a body of a dead man..??
I would cut her off Ur heart if I can..
I would take her away,,in the train of no return...
I would give her a lesson,,if she could ever learn..
I would dry Ur tears..and gather the broken parts of Ur heart...
And I would write my name on every single part...
I would take U close and make U mine...
I would let U know that everything is SOOOOOOO fine...
But I don't know who should carry the balme...!!!
Honey,Do U know how many times U wrongly mentioned her name..??!!?!!!!?!?!
She's gone forever..why can't U believe its true..??
Now I'm the one and only for U..!!!
It don't need me to give U a lecture..
Just open Ur eyes to see the whole picture...!!
I know she did U wrong..But tell me my mistakes...
Try to figure it out..I'll accept whatever it takes..
I know U still need her,,,,though U're done!!
And it wont take long before U look up and I'll be gone....!!!!
Just a simple way to confuse...
ME or HER.........U've to choose....!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Dear Friend •◘○

We're the best of friends as we used to..
Always reading my mind & what passes through..
I think I'm falling for you..
And you should never know..
I wont tell you,,
Cause I don't want you to go..
I'll keep my secret,,'ll never let it show
You'll never catch me stairing at you..
Never 'll feel my body tremble while I'm beside you..
Or even hear my heart beating just for you..
Never 'll see the joy that I feel whenever I see you..
Or the love that I'm hiding from you..
You'll never hear me whisper how much I miss you..
Just B'coz you should never know..!!
You're my best friend..& like that I'm gonna keep you..
To be a friend & just a "sis" thats what I'm going to..
Cause I don't wanna loose you..!!!!
I'll force my self to get over you..
I'll get it done..& my heart 'll pass it through..
And in no time I'll be back to the one you used to know..
And you wont feel a change..Cause from the start you didn't know..
A fairytale..really comes true..
And an angle whispers to your heart "Don't You Know???""
Then you feel what I felt..BABY 'd you ever do???
But the quistion is " 'll you hide it from me too"??..
Or 'll say what I've just said..."Dear Friend I Love You"...!!


Posted on my life & across my memory..
Someone 'll always be written on my history..
He just has to be there,
When I check out the clock...
Then I hear that voice,
When the secrets lock..
Whatever happens,,Whatever it takes
Always reminding me of my unforgiven mistakes..!!
Sometimes when I look for I never find..
It leads me to wonder if I turned blind..
But just I know when I hear that sound,
That he's there..& 'll always be around..!!
So scary when you look..So kind when you feel
With a gentle touch makes all your pain heal..!!
So sweet in sometimes..Sometimes he's not..
I hate him sometimes,,while in the most I miss him alot..
Someone has whole the world in the palm of his hand
But never cared about..I don't understand..
He was my dear & 'll be
Just someone for sure is made for me
Wherever he's I know we wont be apart..
Cause we're always linked heart to heart..
I don't know where you live now..Or where did you go..
But I'll always be chased by the gohest of you..!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

♦♦A Dream♦♦

Do I need U..??
Of course I dO!!
Sweety, I lOve U sO bad..
U're my One,,U didn't knOw that??
U're the One..dOn't ask me whO..
Just maKe me sure that drEams do come trUe..!!
BUT fOr U I'm jUst A friend..
Who is gOing to stay this way till the end..!!!!
I dunnO why..?!
Always my heart leads me tO cry..
I had enough tears..ENOUGH being sad..
& really U're driving me mad..!!
It has tO be shaken..
The bOnd of sister & brother must bE brOken..!!
I dunnO hOw..?!
Or why did I fall fOr U nOw..
AlOt Of Questions I can't explain
I jUst dOn't wanna bE hUrt again..
It jUst happend..against my will..
I swear I tried to fight back..I can't tell
U're taking me to heaven every time U stare..
& Ur wOrds take me tO....I dunnO where!!!!!!!
SO please..can U bE mine..??!!
Can U make mE feel like everything'll be jUst fine?!
I knOw that's too much..& I'm asking alOt
But I can't stOp these feelings...As U can't stOp being HOT..!!☺☺

○○That's○ ○ME...○○

Every sun rise..any water fall..
Any teary eyes..Every single soul..
Anything clear..& some of what people hide..
Every single dream that I keep inside..!!
Every empty space..
All reminds me that I've no place
Even my dearest memories are gone..
Taking with them every thing I was hanging on..!
I'm not alone..You should know
I'm just a girl who has a heart like a rock..
& its melting with every TIK from the clock..!!
Just someone who is surrounded by fools..
& used to break all the rules..!!
& every every way..
All are just the same
Don't point your finger,,I wont take any blame..
Just give me time & you'll see..
That not only you interesting in me..!!
I've multi-choises & I've to choose..
So sunshine, be careful not to loose..
Now..I can't promise you..
I've nothing to give..Or to do..!!
I'm just a girl from forests who wants to stay..
& you gonna meet me there..everyday..!!!


Away so much to say
About how it felt on that day..
It's too hard to tell..
like being in hell
When I'll go out this shell..??!
How'd anyone understand..?!
That I just wanted to hold his hand..
To fly all over the world and never land
How'd I make it clear,,make it right..??
That I didn't mean to cheat or to cause a fight..
He was just my beloved on that night..!!
It took no time to start
But meant everything to my heart..
And I'd never wish us getting apart..!!
I didn't want him to go..
Cause from the start he shouldn't know..!!
That's why..
And I couldn't even deny..
Who'll stop my cry..?!
WORDS..if they could express what's inside..
I'wouldn't really start to hide..
But, the sun can't stop giving light..
I just choosed to never stay that close..
I knew maybe he doesn't feel the same..maybe he does..
Guess its not the way it goes..!!!
& I never heard about him again..!!