LonleY iS The Me......!!!

No One Can sTay Lonley....Forever...maybe from a time to time we go to our private world where we can be alone on our own....n sometimes not...!!!
Sometimes Surronded by people that know you but really they don't know a thing makes U lonley....why should I join in their stupid conversations ?? n also I can't just jumb n leave.....!!!
Some people thinks life is changing fast...But really they stay on their same spot whith their same thoughts n speechs....Uh!!! Like my lovely friend who always talk on the same subjects EVERYTIME..Can U imagine what 'd it be like listenin' to her talking the same but never mangin' to slap her fluffy face ???!!!
Well...For me when I feel that I really not on the mood or that I'll be bored I just rather to stay home n play some online games..!!!
I know this startin' ain't like me but I really feel like trapped in this world with this people that yah I l love very much but they're killing me...n NO I can't change them or even 've a better ones..!!!
Maybe it's all from me..maybe I'm the problem...But there's somethings worth fighting for while never worthin' dying for...!!!
I've been lookin' for a place to hide...I swear if I could find somewhere that I can be alone I'll be happier than ever before...But how n where??
These days I've been so much hard to reach..throwin' ma cell phone away n appearn offline always...people started to ask where I'm n if I'm ok....n even some of them started thinkin' that I'm avoidin' them in purpose...Uh people I just wanna be alone I NEED A BREAAAAAK...why no one understands me ??? n why the hell he left ?? n why do I seem very bad ?? just WHY ??

I know I might be in a ruins...when I gave up the fight...I really don't need anything while I'm at the end of the road n really loosin all sense of control...My faith walks on a broken glass...n my hangover dosn't pass...!!!
Like I said all is not workin' with me..I'm stuck...n I hate to say this but I really miss him too...why should he leave at the most times I ever needed him?? should I just accept his sorry n go back ?? NO,,,the pain weight out my pride..n nothin's ever seems to last...I wanna try to leave or live on my own !!!!!
iF you looked to my life you may see it different %110 than what I'm saying now... But did you ever try to walk on my shoes n see how it really goes when you can't get another chance to try wether to live or die ?? how it really feels to be me the only one attacked by people eyes n tongues...Do you know what it means to be the princess of forests That one of a kind girl????? WELL...I really don't think I'm a one of a kind,,, But 've they really looked closer?? inside my glory shell ??
NOPE ....N THEY'LL NEVER DO........!!!!!!!!!


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