No WorDs... !!!!

If words are all we have to express how we feel ..
Then I’ll give you every single word in this world
I’ll say it in every language , every way

But I’m so confused..
I don’t know what can I say about you..
Want to tell the whole world who is the man I choose..
But , got no words to say it true..

No words can tell how great you’re ..
Or how much you care..
Although you’re so far ,
You make me feel like you’re so near..
BaBy ,
I’ve got no words to say it the way it should..
I’ve got no words to express me right..
I tried so hard and even if I could..
There’s no words that can tell you my delight..
You ,
You just appeared from nowhere..
And flipped my life all over..
Wish if I can tell you how much I care..
And always be your only lover..
But ,
Still wish if I could tell you exactly how I feel..
You mean the whole world to me , can you see ?
I can’t believe that I got You for real..
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me..
If I could tell you how much my life has changed..
And how my fears are gone..
Everything has been rearranged..
And how happy you made me , after I thought I’m done..
And I wish ,
Wish if I can change your life as you changed mine..
If I could wash away your tears..
Assuring you everything is going to be so fine..
Giving your universe a new breeze..
Making your whole world shine..
I know ,
Honey , I know I’m not the best..
I’m not that good you deserve for you..
But , wish if I can beat all the rest..
And be the one who hold you through..
And I promise you’ll find a safe place on my chest..
When the whole world turns on you..
I promise ,
I’ll be always there for you ..
I‘ll always be on your side..
I’ll be till the end of time..
I’ll be the heart that you’re always inside..
And I would tell you what you really want to hear..
If there’s any more words I could find ..


nice words walai ya ni3ma and masha allah i love it :) that person is the luckiest :( and plz dnt break the promises on it ;)

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