Notes for a Lady !

Dear lady,

Just for the record,  while you are waiting for him to recognize your existence in his life by simply doing any sort of contact with you whenever he has any spare time to give, please note that he is actually dedicating his full time to another woman.

Dear another woman, while you are enjoying his full attention and bragging to your friends how he can’t stop pouring himself on you, please note that he’s actually ditching another woman he carelessly replaced by you, a woman who -not so long ago- enjoyed the same privileges you have now. 

When he allows you to take a step closer to his world, only then you will start seeing things differently. Will get to see him differently. He’s no longer that man who clings to his phone whispering love words to you, when only you and none else is around. You will get to see him interacting with the world, making decisions, behaving as a human being, and only then, you can say you know a man well.

Always be the one who says “Will Be Right Back” “Talk to you later” or “I can’t talk now, I’m busy”. Because you can either be the time controller, or the waiter.

If he is bored, he will simply leave. Be the one he always look forward to, don’t over do anything, don’t over talk or over silence, don’t over control or over ignore.

Never let him know you well, don’t give him all about you. Let the situations create your behavior, so he cannot predict you at all.

Surprise him with things when he least expect them, and don’t repeat yourself.

Regardless what he says, every man has a past, an experience he promised never to repeat again, or maybe he’s still standing there with some strings attached to that time, to that person. Avoid being a future version of what he'd left/would love to leave behind.

Grasp their eye pulp’s attention. Physical is what gets them the most, they might forget what you said but will never forget how you looked.

Another woman before you owned his heart, mind and soul. He planned a life with another woman, then here you are, getting a second hand mind,  but never a second hand heart, for the hearts can’t be recycled. 

Never be punctual with a guy. Always try to surprise him with things he don't expect. If he said call me in 5 minutes, call him next day, if he set a date to meet you at 7 then showing up around 8 is a must. Always try to figure out what lays behind or in between his schedule.
You’re always the one who sets the rules of your game, so, if things aren't working out so well, don’t give up and hate the player, just change the game.

Try to interfere into his life, get to know where he usually goes when you are not around, what his friends look like and more importantly, see how he addresses you in front of them.

Remember, there’s this thin line between loving and controlling, so make sure on which side your man stands, and if he’s on the wrong side, then you better run girl.

Never wait for him to fulfill your dreams, if he didn't do it the very first time, just inquire him to. 

Always set your requirements list before you jump in, know what you want out of this relationship, and most importantly, know what HE wants out of the relationship.

Please note, guys are normally looking for 2 kinds of girls, the one he take her out and show her off to his friends, and the one he introduce to his family and takes her home. 

Asking him about his short-term and long-term goals will simply tell you if he has a plan for you, if you're actually involved in his future or you're just a passing by figure. 

Introduce yourself to his dreams and try being his ladder to make them true, he better get them through you than without you, or through someone else.

Semi-finally, just please remember, there’s nothing like a “Perfect Man”, you got to accept him with his flaws, and put his flaws first, just learn how to intellectually compromise.

Finally, if you had the feeling that none of these tips is working for you, just follow your own instincts, listen to your heart and believe me it will magically work.


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