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I Hate..

There's so much things I love in life..

But the most are the things I dont like..

I hate to be treated like invisible..

I hate when they don't care,,while it's unbelievable..

I hate to be so wrong when they are so right..

I hate the fact that I miss you every night..

I hate when guys always lie..

and when they pretend from the love they will die..

I hate when I see you passing through..

and when my eyes can't get enough of you..

I hate when I'm the only one to blame..

I hate when they treat me like I have done a shame..

I hate every new year's eve when I pray.

.and when I don't commet with a word I say..

I hate when every body looks at me..

and you pretend like you can't see..

I hate when I fake my feelings..

and when I hear words I don't know their meanings..

I hate to be their little spoiled one..

and when I'm punished for things I've never done..

And there's something I hate too..

It's the fact that I'm still in love with you..!!


I thought guys are all bad..
I thought all want to make me mad..
But since I add a new page to my life..
I killed all my old ideas with a knief.. could a girl like me live without them..??
How can I start a day without looking at him..??
How can I enjoy eating unless they surrounded me..
Love to feel like I'm a little drope in a sea..
How can I sleep peacefully unless they were in my dream..
Imagining my self with one of them having an ice cream
How can I smile unless I heard them jocking..
How could my heart be opend again unless they were knocking..
How could I know what the smell of roses and fruit..
Unless I was close enough to smell the perfums they put..
And how could I be alive and survive..
Unless they were in my life..!!
So cool to look and keep looking.........all the day..
Trying to find who is Mr.perfect in any way..
Some are cool with what they wear..
Some are spicial with a head so bair..
Some are tall with a shorten pants..
Some are cute with a soften hands..
Some are romantic w…