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Do you know how it feels when the walls you spent your life building around you just start vanishing ? In front of your eyes and you can't help but stare ?? Do you know how it feels to be the first witness to a crime to be ?? A crime within your soul ?? Ever wondered what if you are the only one living this life and the others are just actors who are hired to make it look real ?? Ever felt like something is chasing you .. Something or someone you can't see and it doesn't matter how fast you can run, still, it's right there behind you ?? Have you ever felt like stuck in the middle .. Between now and then, here and there .. You are stuck that you can't move on or even get back ?? Ever just wondered when is this going to end so you can start fresh ? Like a new born .. ??! All you ever did was trying to hide away ? Trying to shut this world out and just enjoy your own company ?? knowing that this life is not meant for you .. And then, you were confused how and when can…