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Like A Rose

I don't know ..
I don't even have a clue ..
What makes me staying awake till this late time at night ..
Feeling so good ..
Just thinking of him ..
I don't even have a clue ..
Maybe what I know about him can't even cause half of what I'm feeling for him ..
I do feel like I've knowen him for a long time now ..
Like it's been ages ..
And his smell never left the place ..
I see him, smell him everywhere ..
Everytime I rememebr his bright smile ..
My everything changes to brightness ..
He is like a red fresh rose in my lifes garden ..
Spreading joy to everything and everyone around it ..
It's aroma filling my space ..
and my heart ..
He's like a red rose ..
That I will never pick off my garden ..
I will always keep it in place ..
For me only .. !!!

Time Slaves.

No ..
He doesn't have to stay in my life.
I got the right to move on,
He got the right to fly.

After all of these years..
It’s not his fault that my dreams faded away..
Or that my highway got crossed with obstacles..

It’s not his fault,
If my heart decided to reread an old chapter..
When he was once my hero,
And destiny was the enemy.
It’s not his fault that time dragged us along.
And threw us in the middle of no where.
It's not his fault that I was the one that got lost.
I was the one that couldn't find her way back home,
And he was the one that made it .. alone.

It's not his fault that my life corridor was dark,
And I was alone and scared.
It's definitely not his fault that the candles I chose to light my way,
Were the same exact ones that burned me,
And burned me deep.
And tonight,

It's not his fault that time changed its mind,
And decided to take me back..
Dragging me alone..
Stepping over my broken heart,
Over my unhealed skin,
And my blinded eyes.. Taking me back..
To when destiny wo…

Fake Reality !

"I love you"
You whispered ..
And I smiled ..
We are happy ..
We never pretended to be ..
We are truly happy ..
Our smiles never faded away ..
We are always together ..
Hugging or holding hands ..
Even when some circumstances force us to separate ..
We keep thinking of each other ..
Seeing each other in every single face we meet ..
Wishing if the other could be here ..
He / she would love to see this or do that ..
And we can’t wait till we are together again ,
To tell all the details we experienced while we were apart ..
Promising, we will never do that again .. !!

We traveled the whole wide world ..
We had adventures together ..
We have kids ..
A lot of them ..
Everytime I notice a new face that I’ve never realized before ..
But all have your eyes, your big brown eyes ..
Your black hair ..
Your African features ..
My smile ..
Your childish soul ..
And my face .. !!
We enjoy the intimacy of being together ..
Me taking care of our kids,
While you happily watched ..
Or rea…

Choose To Stay

Are you sure what to do?
The choice is yours in the end.
To take it into your hands,
You emotions,
Life can be hard for most.
The hardest challenge is life itself.
You are buried so deep you feel lost.
You think what would it be like?
Realizing all the things you do.
Everything that causes pain and grief.
Annoyance and anguish.
The relationships you share with others,
Are sketched and rough.
You think,
What would it be like,
If the source vanished.
Suddenly being taken away from its victims.
Creating scenarios and environments,
Where everything changed.
Would they be sad?
Would they be relieved?
Would their hearts ache with sorrow?
Or would they shrug it off in a week?
You imagine your friends and loved ones.
Acting with either emotions.
They could take it harshly and cry for hours on end.
Or admit it’s a tragedy and move on with their lives.
But its not always their choice.
The choice is yours as well.
Your choice,
Affects the choices of others.
If you choose to stay,
They choose to be happy.
If you c…