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I NeeD To FlY ........... !!!!!!!!

I ,
I Came For What U've...
For What U Did Offer..
I Agreed To Loose a Half..
While The Half I Get is Much Better...!!!

U Showed Me Food..
Water , Gave Me Home..
I Thought "WOW , That's Good..
I'll Be Safe From The Storm"...!!!

I Was Happy , So Much"..
I Loved My Golden Cage..
And Being Under Ur View , Under Ur Touch..
Loved Feeling like I'm On Stage..
Just Singing For U..
And U're The Only One Who Can Enjoy My Colours...!!!

But , Then ..
U Stopped Giving Me Water..
Suddenly , U Stopped Caring about Me..
Food Started Getting less , With No Water..
I'm So Damn Thirsty..
My Life Became So Meaning-Less..
Without U here To Care..
I Was on Danger , My Mind is a Mess...!!!

It's My End , I Can't Bear..
I Stayed Locked..
And U Forced Me To Sing..
BaBy , I'm So Shocked..
How Can I Feel Happy , While it Stings...!!!

I ,
I Started To Cry..
I Really Can't Sleep..
Damn , I Need To Fly..
Missing My Sky So Deep..
Miss Being Free...!!!…