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Thanx ........ !!!!!!!

Thanx For keeping me waitin ..
Thanx for putting me on hold ..
Thanx for just being facking ..
Telling me the sweetest words ever told ... !!

Thanx for giving me hope that you'll come back ..
Making me believe each word you say ..
But you were just like my little ugly jack ..
Lien , cheating , then disapearing away ... !!

Thanx for not telling me its over ..
And that we'll never be the same ..
Thanx for being like your brother ..
One of the fakers family , with no shame ... !!

Thanx for making it so hard ..
Telling them the worst things about me ..
I should 've known it from the start ..
That you'll break me like I never imagined I could be ... !!

Thanx ... Really , really thanx alot ..
for choosing her over me ..
Can I cry , or I should not .. ??
Giving my tears for someone could never get to see ... !!

And yeah , thanx , thanx very much ..
For the best days I've ever seen ..
Which you turned with your touch ..
To the worst that ever been ... !!

Sweety .... Thanx ALOT !!!!!!

WaiT ........... !!!!

I Know ...
That you can't let me go
I Know you want me back
I know you still miss me , Jack

And I miss you too ...
I miss everything about you
Your smile , eyes and your voice
Your true love for me , unlike the other boys

I still can't believe I'm doing so
But I really Can't get back to you .... !!!!!

You touched my soul ,,, Killed my pride ...
You left me wondering ,, Then you LIED
You did everything you knew I hate
You forgot our anniversary ,,, and called me late
You made me cry like I never did
You made me hold on to a love that never fit ... !!!

I ain't trying to make you feel regret
Cause I feel it every time I go to bed
I'm just trying to say NO
Though I was ready to do anything to never let you go
Although I know...
That you still waiting ,,, and I'm not in a hurry
But never ever 'll say sorry
Just you wait ,,,,,, and I'll wait ...
Till we wake up to realize its too late !!!!!!!!!

الــيــك وحـــدك

مع تلك الغيمة اتولدنا .... سحابة صيف صغيرة ... لهونا مع النجوم و انار القمر لنا طريقنا .... و لكن الامس طار مع اول هبة نسيم كورق الشجر المصفر الجاف حول بيت فرحنا

و أنا ,,, قد واظبت حتى الان ,,,, على ان اكون وفية ,,, كما يليق بمثلى ,,,, لأتواصل بشكل أو بأخر معك

الا اننى قد أتغيب هذه الأيام ,,,,, قسرا ..... لمدة قد تطول

فان كان ... فلا تقلق .... لأن جميع الغائبون يعودون فى اخر الامر .... و لو جثثا فى التوابيت

و أنا ..... ان لم أمت ... فاننى حتما سأعود

أما لو مت ... فسترجع روحى ترفرف فى بهيم الليل .... حول بيتك .... تبحث عن منفذ لتدخل

لهذااترك ... لو سمحت .... شباك حجرتك ... فى الليل .... مفتوحا


You .... You don't get to tell me it's gonna be okay...
Or to draw a smile on my face..
You don't get to tell me to have a new day...
With another one in your place..
You don't get to tell me that I can forget about you...
Or I could easily fix my broken heart..
You just can't tell me what to do...
Cause you will never understand..!!!

You will never know how hard it feels...
To need someone who never knew..
Or to wait your whole life till your pain heals...
Cause you never knew what it means to love you..
Cause you will wake up tomorrow after dreaming of her...
With the alarm tone ,,, which she did choose..
Smiling while you send a "Good morning" message to her...
And back to put your alarm to snooze..!!!
You will be so happy ,,, With the one you love...
She is there for busying your mind ,,, and hold your hand..
Being with her all the time ,,, and you will never get enough...
That's why you will never get to understand..!!!

You will never know how it feels when you drag…