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What If ???

What if I was a different girl which you like..??
What if I learned how to ride a bike..??
What if I didn't ignore you or feel shy..??
What if I always shake your hands with a "HI"..??
What if I didn't listen to a word they say..??
What if I called you at home everyday..??
What if I could tell you for all you did "THANK YOU"..??
What if I replied you once with "LOVE YOU TOO"..??
What if I didn't let 4 years pass us through..??
What if I told you I really care about you..??
What if I faced you with the truth that I hate your family..??
and that I talk with your brothers daily..??
What if I could explain I did all of that just for you..??
What if you could forgive me and I forgive you..??
What if I told you that I know about your cheating..??
and that I knew this girl will leave you bleeding..??
and that I'm so mad about that..??
What if I told about us my mum and dad..??
What if I was looking like the one who took your heart..??
What if I fought with whoever …

I Miss You..

When I lay back at night
and I turn off my orange light
Then right before I close my eyes
it comes to my mind to realize
that I'm the reason why you went
and what I said I didnt meant
I know you wont come back to me
but i wish if you just could see
I know I have done you a wrong
but baby I thought our love is strong
Nothing can worth what we had
and I can love you more than that
I know you wont come back
you really made this time and left me...jack
But why I cant do anything or say
to let you know I regret that everyday
I know you hated my doubts and questions
but baby..we never judge any one by what he mentions
I wanted to show you that I need you here
you were my every dear
I know that I'm out of your heart..and that's is fine
hope you know forever you are in mine
I just miss you..
I miss you baby so much
I miss your eyes and touch
I miss your whisper and smile,too
I miss the perfume you used to put on you
I miss the way you put your hands in your pockets as you walk
I miss the way you wa…