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مـا قـلـت لـى بـرجـع و أعـود

تـاريـك مـا عـنـدك وعـود

و رجـيـت رجـوعـك كـل لـحـظـة

حـبـك انـت عـزفـتـو عـود

فـارقـت فـى أصـعـب زمـن

خـلـيـتـنـى فـى غـربـة وجـود

عـارفـة مـا حـالـقـاك تـانـى

و الـقـدر يـبـنـى الـسـدود

هــــوى , أحـسـن فـراقـك مـن رجـوعـك

بـس كـان واجـب عـلـيـك تـوفـى الـكـلام

مـا كـنـت تـخـلـف للـمـيـعـاد

فـى بـعـادك مـا ح أشـقـى

لا بـمـشـى فـى سـكـة حـداد

بـس بـعـدك الـدنـيـا صـبـحـت , مـلـيـانـة سـواد

مـا قـلـت راجـع

أصـلـو بـشـقـيـك الـفـراق

و برضـو قـادر تـسـيـبـنـا

و هـان عـلـيـك يـوم الـوداع

بـس تـصـدق ... ؟؟

انـى نـسـيـتـك


أوعـى تـرجـع أو تـعـود

و يـوم طـريـتـك

الـذكـرى كـانـت

بـــــــــس وعــــــــود

Breaking Promises

Paper birds and paper promises
Both fly away some time ...
Breaking glass cages ...
And breaking my stone heart ...

Please be careful.

Because my ribs are cracking and my hair is fraying..
I don't like to be left alone ...
When my lips are trying because my arms stop holding..
I'm as fragile as my bones ...

Water crashes around me ..
And flows in through my ears ..
My skull fills up with sea ..
And out come all my fears ..

Crying girl he makes me obvious ..
Words walk their legs away ..
Crushing small pieces ..
Taking all my thoughts apart ..

Cigarette smoke rises and coils ..
Blocks your face from me ..
Anyone can look at us ..
And see cracks in between ... !!!

* * *

Don't listen ...
Don't listen to what I say ...
It makes no difference if you do ,
It won't matter anyway ...
Everything I say and do ,
Is done to cause you pain ...
But you don't seem to get it ,
You just choose to remain ...

I am breaking promises !!!
To you all over again
I leave behind me !!!
A list of all my s…