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Yesterday they were here…where did they go today??

Yesterday, I was there with them..
We were laughing, playing or even fighting
Then when it was time to go to sleep
I said goodbye to them, and promised to meet tomorrow
Just to continue what we had been doing
And when I woke up. I didn't find them here
They just were gone..
I kept screaming…WHERE ARE YOU??
But still didn't hear any answer
They were a page in my life book...Which I turned over
Don't know why they went...But I know they're not here now
Some are just names, and some I don't remember
Some are just faded with the dust of the past
I knew them very well...And shared a good or even bad memories with
All I want to know now is are they still alive??, maybe not
And if they're happy about what they got
If they're feeling pain
And'll we ever meet again??
Do they still remembering me, and our times
When we did good well as crimes
I still have their pictures, voices and stories on my head
I just want to ask about them for a last time
For the memory of us…Once i…

A Day...

And some other new ways...
With time,,
I'll prove that what I did wasn't a crime !!
Just B'coz some thoughts were busying my mind...
Never thought that such a lie 'll make me blind...
I don't know when or how..know nothing about
But my heart is strong,,'ll move on no doubt..
It happened in a matter of a day,,
and took no time,,, just to fade away..!!
It's my mistake..can't blame you
B'coz from the start you shouldn't know
A heart I stayed awake just waiting for,,
But after that night I didn't do it any more..!!
B'coz I kept praying all that night..
That when a new day starts,everything 'll be alright..
I had feelings that I never knew..
But no matter how,I forced my self to let go..
I was sure there's a queen in your heart..
But why you told me in the day its getting to start..
The same day I wanted to tell you,,just wondering how..
Found you there screaming "SHE'S WOW"....!!!!!
I might be shocked..but didn't cry...

"بين طيات السحاب"

بين طيات السحاب..دفنته
عدت،، بين صفحات الورق وجدته..
وسيما ساحرا،، بقلب من ورق
لم أعلم ماهو إلا بعد أن تعلمت ألأرق..
كنت طفلة صغيرة..لا أعرف كيف اللعب
رأيته...فتعلمت كيف أحب!!
في تلك الجلسة البرية...ذات مساء
أحسست كأنه القمر،،،هو مصدر ألأضواء
كان في كل شئ رجل...لا بل رجال
أذاق قلبي مرارة الأشواق و الترحال
تساءلت دموعي يوما "أتراه يعود" ؟؟!
بل السؤال...هل حقا هو موجود ؟؟!
هل هو بشر مثلنا.؟.! لا بل ملاك
طبع و نفذ على قلبي حكم الهلاك
جاوبتني الأمطار..و حفيف الشجر
جاوبتني الصحراء..و غياب القمر
جاوبني الليل الحالك،،الزلازل و الأعاصير
و كلهم أجمعوا على حرمة ما يصير...!!
قررت البحث عنه..في كل مكان
سألت عنه الأحياء و الأموات...و خيال الإنسان
أين هو..؟؟ و أين ذهب..؟؟
حتى أصابني اليأس و الملل و التعب
فسمعت صدى صوت...صوت بعيد
كان يبشرني بأن اليوم عيد..!!
URL_REMOVED حقا قد عاد..؟!
أتراه قد علم أن أشواقي في إزدياد..؟!
فصرت أجري،،و أحفر الأرض بحثا
أتلفت حولي و أصرخ جهرا
وجدته أمامي...و ياله من منظر
ماهو و ماذا حدث..و من أي مصدر!!
فصرخ قلبي هناك شئ مريب..
لم يبدو كما عهدته..هذا حقا غريب
أين ذهبت،ماذا حدث،ماذا فعلت..؟؟


دا خوف ولا برد...؟
ما قادرة افهم هذه المسألة
جسمك ينزل تحت الأرض
و روحك تطلع فوق السما
ما بكفر ولا شي
بس قالقاني الحاجة دي
العشت بقلبو سنين
قاعد يتغمس جوا الطين
ما تخاف عتمة القبور
روحك حتضوى نور
حأحفر حولك سور
حأكون حارسة القبور
يوم الغبت القمر غاب
ختو فوقك أكوام تراب
كانو لى قلبي أكوام عذاب
وشك أبيض مافيو لون
و هو الكان مفتح ورد
يدك باردة زى التلج
و هي الكانت بتاخد البرد
وحياتك حيجى اليوم
نطلع فيهو أنا و أنت فوق
على دنيا ما بعدا دنيا
و أسألك إيه رأيك فيا..؟!
و تقول ليا بحبك...و تقول ليا بحبك
بحبك أنا لى سابع سما

يا عزيزي

لماذا كل هذا الخوف...يا عزيزي

لماذا الدموع و الحزن يا عزيزي ؟؟

اني انسانة أحس و أشعر

مخلوقة لأنسى و أذكر

اني مثل باقي النساء...أحب و أعشق

اني معك الان فلا تقلق

لقد رأيت مابك قبل أن تراه

و عشت بدونك أسوأ حياة

انتظرت بصبر متى تتكلم

و اني أموت كلما رأيتك تتألم

أرى عيناك ترجواني أن أعفو

أراهما حولي و أمالك تخبو

أحس بخوفك مني و من حبي

أتريد المزيد ؟؟...ألا يكفيك قلبي ؟؟

كلما لامست يدي يداك

كلما نظرت لعيناك

اني أسمع قلبي يرد عليك

بل أسمعه يصرخ..."خذني اليك

و لكنه يتحطم ألف مرة

عندما يرى انهمار دموعك المرة

و قبل أن أهم بمسحها من عليك

تسابقني اليها يديك

و أراك تركض بعيدا بعيد

لتحفي ألمك الشديد

و لكن لماذا...؟؟

هل جربت اخباري بهذا...؟؟؟

هل حاولت مرة النظر في عيني...؟؟؟

هل أحسست يوما بلمسات يدي...؟؟؟

هل زرتني مرة في الأحلام ؟؟؟؟

لا مستحيل...لأني لا أنام

أقضي ليلي مع القمر المنير

أشكيك له..و ما فعلت بقلبي الصغير

أوتعلم ما كان جوابه لكل سؤال...؟؟؟

أنك دائما تقول ما لم يقال

أخبرني أنك تناجيه ليلا

تشكو بعدي له...و ترجوه خيرا

فيالسخرية القدر

عاشقان...وسطهما القمر

فقط أخبرني أين أنت...…

While I'm Still Awake...!!

It's almost 3 am...and I'm still awake..

Thinking if I made a big mistake..

But believe me I don't mean to drag it on

Just it seems to me that I'll be alone..

I learned how to be strong...I wont cry

All I'm trying to do is figure out "Why"..??

You were a devil in a shape of a man..

Taught me how to believe in love...never thought I can

But I've always knew it deep inside..

It was so clear on your face...However you try to hide

I know why you are here...and what are you trying to do..!!

Why you are doing this...and instead of who..

You kept mentioning him every time...In every call..

You was trying to get me hurt again...That's all..

I should never believe what you said bout you are a grown up man..

And all that you wanted to do is finding your own woman..

And how you put that clear,,,that I'm your one..

You said it immediately...That's not how it's being done..!!

No introductions...No pre-act..

But you knew I wouldn't refuse it...In fact

I said cheer …

Stupid Rose...(2)

Stupid Rose...Why you cry ??

He might be honest...May Jack didn't lie..!!

You wish if you knew...If he said Goodbye..

But you woke up to find he's not there...and it hurts to die..

And now its all over...He's gone..

You can't do anything after its all done..

You wish If you can forget all what you faced..

But darling...destiny can't be replaced..

Now in this hot summer...Under the sun's ray..

It's all so quite...Like a perfect sunday..

You sitting inside your forest...In that corner there..

Under that huge tree...Wishing If he could be here..

Every creature saw you kept wondering...What's going on..??

They don't know how much you're afraid...don't want to die alone..

Stupid Rose...You lost him,,no more thinking..

Don't know If it's braveness or stupidity to watch him die...Watch him sinking..

Now your dear Jack is so far away..

You realized that when you stared at the empty space one day..

And all you did was to go away...What a stupid girl..

Kept hold…

Stupid Rose..(1)

I've never seen someone so stupid like you

Stupid're in everything you do..

You miss him to death...Why you didn't say..??

We all know he's dead,,in a different way

In the way that he still alive in your heart..

But why you let it happen from the start..??

Should you fall in his love on that day..??

Wish if you were a little brave to beg him to stay

Stupid Rose...Why you got inside the Titanic..??

And even though,,Why you fell to his magic..??

None can be him..none can love you like Jack

You were his queen..Wishing if he could come back..?

Then why you didn't pull him out if you dare..!!

Or just why you didn't die with him if you care..!!

You kept shaking and begging "Please don't die" least why you didn't even try..??!!

Why you never pull him close and hug him tight..?!

He's your Jack..your life's light

Now you gonna live whole your life in the dark

You worth nothing without him,A dead Rose in a park

It was the beginning of the end whe…

My Life..

I wake up everyday..
So stressed and depressed in anyway..
Feeling bad in any part..
Guilty is eating my heart..
After washing and doing what people do..
I try to pray..but can't do so..
Cause every time I think I'm facing God..
I feel so ashamed of my I'm not made of mud..
I say to myself may tomorrow 'll be better..
But inside I know that means never..
I dress up quickly and go to say hi..
to my parents,,also that'd be a goodbye..
My father gives me a ride..what a gentleman..
I'd reply his favors,,If I can..
I go to my college..and sit to remember
alone in that cool winter of december..
Some minutes later,people start to show..
Everyone try to be cool..what a jerks that I know..
Some chatting and laughing before the lecture begins..
and I thank god when the bell rings..
Doing my best to understand what the teacher is talking about..
But after any word he says..I feel a big doubt..
After sleeping a little..& answering some calls..
I feel in danger,,but no one to catch…


I knew its impossible..
At the first time I knew its possible..
It's something hard to get...
and when you do,,its difficult to forget...
Something get suddenly in our hearts..
Leading us to break in 1000 parts..
Taking control of your mind and soul...
No No,,,,taking control of you all...
Who are never depend..
Any way it takes you to the corner of the end..
It makes you like a crazy man...
who is trying to fly,,though he knows he never can...
Leads your heart to beat so fast..
Maybe causing your death at last..
I don't know why or what all it's about...
It's not a usefull thing,,,and we can't live without...
When you see them you are just a foam..
and you wont sleep that night at home..
All your dreams will be about you both together...
But after its too late,,,you'll be alone forever...
And you have to live your life with a heart break..
although you are sure its not your mistake..
It's all on you,,a major waste of time...
Any way,,after all,,I think love is a sort o…

من أكون..؟؟

نظر إلي...و بعينين حائرتين
سألني..من أكون.. !!
أولا تعرفني.. ؟؟،يامن أوصلني حد الجنون؟
يامن جعلني أعيش في دنيا ألأوهام
ولم يكف عن زيارتي في المنام...في كل الأحلام
و علمني سحر كلام العيون !
إني السماء في وسعها...و وكار الطيور
إني العشق في ذاته...من حب و فتور
إني مالم تعرفه عن الحياة و القرون
إني من إحتوتك في قلبها...و علمتك الحنين
و من أرضعتك من عشقها..بمرور السنين
إني من كل الألوان و الأشكال و الفنون!
إني صوت تغريد البلابل..و الفيضانات و الزلازل
بل إني الطاقة ألأبدية..بلا موصل أو عازل
إني ملاكك الحارس...و القلب الحنون!
أوتظل تسألني ؟..ألم تعرف من أكون..؟!
إني التي تمنتك...و أحبت كبريائك
إني التي تحملت غرورك...و أشكال عنادك
إني الروح الحاوية...و الجسد الذي بك مسكون!
و لست أبدا ناسية...بل دارية بما سيكون
إني جريحة هذا العصر...وليدة تلك السنون
معاشرة كل الخلائق...و أهل السجون
إني حياتك يا عمري...مالكة الأشجار و الغصون
و لكن حقا سؤال يراودني..>> فمن أكون ؟

Two lines..

I heard the ring,,
you went to take a look,,
You did the door's unlock,,
heard you talking with someone,,then "MUWAH"
"I miss you so much baby"..her voice said
"Me too honey" replied
"Come in,,it's cold out side",,you added
Tok..Tok..Tok,she came..then you chatted
you put the ice,,then "here's your cup"
"Oh nice,,you made that??""
You said "sure,,just for you",,I couldn't understand
I made it for you,not for her!!
You added " you saw my new car"??
CAR??,,thought you have a bike!!
you said "ya,,the same one that you like"...
"Really??,,can I take a look??"
you said "Sure",,then heard the doors lock..
You said "wait a minute baby,,I wanna make a call"..
I heard your gasp.then saw the duration of the call...!!

My Dove..

My heart is in love..??????
how is that my little dove..??????
It promised never to miss..
never 'll beat for someone else..
I saw it my self locking the door..
and I'm sure it said "No love any more"..
My come is that..???????
I just can't understand..
Who is he..and what he's trying to do..??
what's his shape like,,tell me do you know..??
Baby dove please deliver my letter..
tell my heart never do like the past times,,and treat him better..
Say "you are not made of glass,,he can't break you"..
but still be awake,,watch whatever he is trying to do..
Just tell the truth,,never be shy..
don't keep looking at the time he say good bye..
Tell it although it broke our deal..I'm not mad..
but forgetting our big love 'll make me sad..
Remind my heart that he always has a place inside..
where he can feel safe,warm..where he can hide..
Baby dove..just tell my heart finally I say good bye..
and it should use my steps..or again it 'll l…