Stupid Rose..(1)

I've never seen someone so stupid like you

Stupid're in everything you do..

You miss him to death...Why you didn't say..??

We all know he's dead,,in a different way

In the way that he still alive in your heart..

But why you let it happen from the start..??

Should you fall in his love on that day..??

Wish if you were a little brave to beg him to stay

Stupid Rose...Why you got inside the Titanic..??

And even though,,Why you fell to his magic..??

None can be him..none can love you like Jack

You were his queen..Wishing if he could come back..?

Then why you didn't pull him out if you dare..!!

Or just why you didn't die with him if you care..!!

You kept shaking and begging "Please don't die" least why you didn't even try..??!!

Why you never pull him close and hug him tight..?!

He's your Jack..your life's light

Now you gonna live whole your life in the dark

You worth nothing without him,A dead Rose in a park

It was the beginning of the end when it started to move

Titanic the ugly ship,You killed the most beautiful love

Why..Should you really hit that piece of snow..???

Just if you could see 'em'd know

I just wonder why life is so hard as it does..?!

Everything was against Jack..and Stupid Rose..!!


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