While I'm Still Awake...!!

It's almost 3 am...and I'm still awake..

Thinking if I made a big mistake..

But believe me I don't mean to drag it on

Just it seems to me that I'll be alone..

I learned how to be strong...I wont cry

All I'm trying to do is figure out "Why"..??

You were a devil in a shape of a man..

Taught me how to believe in love...never thought I can

But I've always knew it deep inside..

It was so clear on your face...However you try to hide

I know why you are here...and what are you trying to do..!!

Why you are doing this...and instead of who..

You kept mentioning him every time...In every call..

You was trying to get me hurt again...That's all..

I should never believe what you said bout you are a grown up man..

And all that you wanted to do is finding your own woman..

And how you put that clear,,,that I'm your one..

You said it immediately...That's not how it's being done..!!

No introductions...No pre-act..

But you knew I wouldn't refuse it...In fact

I said cheer up girl...here's a true story again..

And my heart kept saying "Remember that pain"..

I tried to ignore it...Although I knew its going to come..

But I said if I didn't get it all,,I'm ok with some..

Deep inside I started to get attached to you..

And my heart clouding believe that I'm doing so..

How can I forget it...And close that book..

You reminded me of him...his laugh,his touch,his look..

His way of expressing love...And being mad..

Also his way in leaving me...doing it bad..

You were like a copy of my own Jack..

Giving me a new way to make sure he wont come back..

I'm not ashamed of what I did...Not even proud..

It was just a way to let me think about..

About how much I'm stupid...And easy to fall..

And how I'm so emotional...To not realize that all..

I can say that I loved love...And loved to try..

But really why I'm chasing what leads me to cry..??

I know I've a lot of feelings that I'm ready to give..

But I can't find my true story...Which is going forever to live..

My true man...My honest prince..

With a magical look...Falls and forever since..

After all...You were a very good end..

To my colorful hope and dreams...Goodbye my friend..

Thanks a lot for killing a rose was just on its way to grow..

As you showed it there's no reason to do so..

No reason to live...Life is so ugly and black..

Controlling it's life just for your own sack..


And I'm still awake...Thinking of that..

I discovered that love is something I don't understand..

I don't know when it started...And when I'll get through..

But believe me boy...One day I'll be over you..!!!


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