My Life..

I wake up everyday..
So stressed and depressed in anyway..
Feeling bad in any part..
Guilty is eating my heart..
After washing and doing what people do..
I try to pray..but can't do so..
Cause every time I think I'm facing God..
I feel so ashamed of my I'm not made of mud..
I say to myself may tomorrow 'll be better..
But inside I know that means never..
I dress up quickly and go to say hi..
to my parents,,also that'd be a goodbye..
My father gives me a ride..what a gentleman..
I'd reply his favors,,If I can..
I go to my college..and sit to remember
alone in that cool winter of december..
Some minutes later,people start to show..
Everyone try to be cool..what a jerks that I know..
Some chatting and laughing before the lecture begins..
and I thank god when the bell rings..
Doing my best to understand what the teacher is talking about..
But after any word he says..I feel a big doubt..
After sleeping a little..& answering some calls..
I feel in danger,,but no one to catch me in my many falls..
At the end he remind us of next week test..
I say to my self fine,,gonna try doing my best..
But I know nothing,,I don't even have a book..
But it's alright..I'll find when I look..
Collect my friends..then the journey begins..
to other college for breakfast..and other things..
While buying and waiting for the delivery to come
Many people gather around..I only know some..
Bring their chairs,,sitting to chat..
Strange personalties..some'r idiots with a hat..
Different faces,colors, tastes and sizes..
Then when our meal comes..each poke their eyes..
They got used to it as I could see..
By a fake invitation to join us from me..
They all jump on our food like waiting a chance to..
I try to keep fighting..when I couldn't I just go..
With a teary eyes,,not cause I'm hungry..
But cause life and people..that's why I'm angry..
Walking alone,hands in pockets,head leaning down..
Many thoughts pass my head..guess I'll leave this town..
Then suddenly,from no where..that angel shows up smiling..
So sweet and handsome,showing his effort in styling..
Then my whole day flip 180..what a magic he has on me..
Just think he's the reason I want my life to be..


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