A Day...

And some other new ways...
With time,,
I'll prove that what I did wasn't a crime !!
Just B'coz some thoughts were busying my mind...
Never thought that such a lie 'll make me blind...
I don't know when or how..know nothing about
But my heart is strong,,'ll move on no doubt..
It happened in a matter of a day,,
and took no time,,, just to fade away..!!
It's my mistake..can't blame you
B'coz from the start you shouldn't know
A heart I stayed awake just waiting for,,
But after that night I didn't do it any more..!!
B'coz I kept praying all that night..
That when a new day starts,everything 'll be alright..
I had feelings that I never knew..
But no matter how,I forced my self to let go..
I was sure there's a queen in your heart..
But why you told me in the day its getting to start..
The same day I wanted to tell you,,just wondering how..
Found you there screaming "SHE'S WOW"....!!!!!
I might be shocked..but didn't cry...
B'coz I'm the one who believed the lie..
Just it would be a day I'll remember as much as I can..
And maybe one day you'll know that once you were my man..!!!


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