My Dove..

My heart is in love..??????
how is that my little dove..??????
It promised never to miss..
never 'll beat for someone else..
I saw it my self locking the door..
and I'm sure it said "No love any more"..
My come is that..???????
I just can't understand..
Who is he..and what he's trying to do..??
what's his shape like,,tell me do you know..??
Baby dove please deliver my letter..
tell my heart never do like the past times,,and treat him better..
Say "you are not made of glass,,he can't break you"..
but still be awake,,watch whatever he is trying to do..
Just tell the truth,,never be shy..
don't keep looking at the time he say good bye..
Tell it although it broke our deal..I'm not mad..
but forgetting our big love 'll make me sad..
Remind my heart that he always has a place inside..
where he can feel safe,warm..where he can hide..
Baby dove..just tell my heart finally I say good bye..
and it should use my steps..or again it 'll lead me to cry..!!


Anonymous said…
yo nemo , i like this one , keep on writing ;)

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