A place called here !

Starts with a smile,
And ends with a goodbye hand shake !
It goes like this !
He says he’s leaving ..
Leaving soon,
Leaving the place where I belong,
Leaving  here ..

Happily, excitedly, packing,
To leave here for good,
Forgetting that “here” includes me as well ... !!!

He’s planning,
A plan for 1,
I don’t fit in his plans ..
Not in his future ..
I wished him luck ..
I crossed my fingers for his dreams to come true ..
Seeing those teeth behind his sunshine smile worth a lot,
Means so much,
I'm ready to sacrifice everything to see it, 
Even seeing his face every morning .. !!!

But, it just stroke me that,
Perhaps, perhaps, 
His dreams can't stretch to contain 2 ..

I told him to fly,
High .. and high ..
Go fulfill your heart ..
Go show them what you’re capable of ..
And me,
I’ll always cover your back ..
I’ll support you,
From here ..
From this very place that pushed you away,
The place that kicked you out,
From a place ..
Called here !!!!


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