Red Flags !

Something is happening ..
I can feel it
I feel strange, I feel weird ..
Heart pumping so fast,
A 24 hours wide smile ..
I started listening to songs I never imagined liking ..
And most of all,
I started to look forward for tomorrow,
And many tomorrows to come ..
My whole Climate is changed,
And it keeps on changing,

Day after day ..
For no reason, or maybe there’s some ..
I can’t tell ..
It’s just happening
Happening so fast that I stopped counting,
I stopped wondering and thinking,
I’m just letting it happen ..
Despite all the warnings,
The voices in my head that telling me to stop..
I just ignore,
I paint all those red flags with different colours,
And decide to take the risk,
to enjoy it as long as it’s here
As long as he’s here .. !!!

I started to wait by the phone,
I wait .. and wait,
Then my heart skips a beat,
once I see his name on my screen ..
then, no matter what plans I have, no matter who I’m with…
Everything can wait, could be pushed aside ..
Because, for a short while,
For a limited time that I know will soon reach an end,
Those precious little short moments of mine,
are fully dedicated to him .. only him .. :!:


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