It’s the day of mini smiles that warm your heart
It’s the day of sweet compliments that make your day counts ..
It’s the day when everything makes you grateful, for your own existence ..
And theirs ..

When you look around, reviewing, and all you can see is your life opening up
Opening so many doors ..
But, with life remaining busy and so many other distractions you have to deal with ..
You realize, this will never be through ..
In fact, everything has just started ..

Don’t let the temptations drag you their way ..
Don’t go floating alone, away from what really matters ..
and who really matters …
Their time is now !
Soon, you’ll realize the power of “We”..
When “Our” is dragged between “His” and “Mine” ..
Time won’t be your precious property anymore ..
When your all valuable moments should be –happily- awarded to them ..
You’re so full of enthusiasm, happiness ..
Your smile will almost tear up your face …
But, you don’t care ..
You’ve made it halfway –successfully- alone ..
You believe in yourself,
You know you can do the other remaining half too..
And even better ..
But, don’t let your ego fool you ..
Would you enjoy celebrating your success alone too ?
They won’t be around to clap along ..

Believe in the impossible !
Matters of the heart need your support ..
You can’t stop thinking of how hard it will be to hide behind your excuses,
Your expectations will feel more like wishful thinking.

Find Balance !
Find a balance between work and play ..
Between your personal and relationship needs..
Between your needs and everyone else's needs as well..

Be Confident !
You should be ready for what comes next ..
With the love gods declaring that this is just a stepping stone for something much bigger ..
While your biggest and most empowering romantic chapter in 3 decades won't kick off until Christmas Eve

Get a sense of what's possible !

Twitter along with your Squadron !


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