Yesterday they were here…where did they go today??

Yesterday, I was there with them..
We were laughing, playing or even fighting
Then when it was time to go to sleep
I said goodbye to them, and promised to meet tomorrow
Just to continue what we had been doing
And when I woke up. I didn't find them here
They just were gone..
I kept screaming…WHERE ARE YOU??
But still didn't hear any answer
They were a page in my life book...Which I turned over
Don't know why they went...But I know they're not here now
Some are just names, and some I don't remember
Some are just faded with the dust of the past
I knew them very well...And shared a good or even bad memories with
All I want to know now is are they still alive??, maybe not
And if they're happy about what they got
If they're feeling pain
And'll we ever meet again??
Do they still remembering me, and our times
When we did good well as crimes
I still have their pictures, voices and stories on my head
I just want to ask about them for a last time
For the memory of us…Once in a life time

Razan al-Fatih & her sister Shahd
/ -Shaza & Nada (the twins) & their cousin Leila
-Ahmed nabeel /
-Ahmed abd-almonem
-Yakeen (don't really remember her full name, but still have the memory when she told the teachers about me, I still hate her so much)
-Teacher Najat (of Arabic) she caught me with my crime
-Teacher Mona (of English)
-Mohammed Awad (my cousin who died in a car accident. I was about 3 years old then or maybe older a little) /
-Iman Sami (my baby cousin who died also, but its better for her I guess as she wasn't a healthy child)
-The Elephant in the zoo I used to take fruits to every Thursday, they took it away
-Yassmeen (my Egyptian friend from the club, still remember the day she was leaving, our goodbye was hard on us both, she went back to Egypt, and never heard of her again)
***[Those last seen @ 1996…When I was 5 years old]
-Huda (my crazy Egyptian friend, she told me once a story about how the bats "wa6awee5" ate her baby brother, I still remember that I didn't sleep that night, she scared the hell out of me,haha)
-Teacher Al-Hade (of science)
-Razan al-fatih
/ -Mohamed Ismail
-Mayada (really can't remember her full name, But still have the memory when we were playing with disks during the class and fell down…really the teacher knew what to do about us)
***[Those last seen @ 2000…When I was @ class 4]
-The 2 brothers whom lost their mother, Guess Omer & Osman (can't really remember, but they used to come and play with me, till one day their step-mother took them away)
-That guy I had a crush on @ the club, heard he's been to Jail cause of a drugs issue) / -That blonde orphan who was living with aunt Magdolin (he always makes me cry when I see him)
*** [Last seen @ 2001...class 5]
-Ahd Mahmud
-Hamza (that cute boy, really where is he??)
-My chickens (Guess James our servant ate them)
***[Those last seen @ 2002…When I was in class 6]
-Mohammed Adil (last time in 2003 when he went to U.S.A and never came back)
-Tahany al-Naeem (I loved this girl so much) /
-Mahasin seaf
-Rayan motasim
- Teacher Yousif (the best man on the world))
-Hindi (Ana 9'ab??)
-The 2 sweet brothers in the bus.
-Shams al9aba7 (ma friend's grandma-no need for names)
-Pepsi man (A guy called Ibrahim)
***[Those last seen @ april.2004, by the end of 8'Th class]
-My Grandfather Al-sir [August.2004]
-My Grandmother Huda [April.2005]
-Yousra (my stinky neighbor in grade 1)
-Zainab al-Rasheed (another side by side stinky neighbor in grade 2) /
-3'ofran / -Nidaal / -Tabarak / -Sitana abo al-Gasim
-Namarik / -Skinny Mona / -Randa Yahiya / -Khansaa boraee
-Teacher Tasneem (of math's, the worst teacher I've ever knew, Kant bas moga9dani 3deeeeeeeel kida),)
-Teacher Ahmed (My private physics teacher in grade 2 secondary)
-Arwa & Marwa (eldest twins in grade 3 when I was in 2, had a problem to know which is who, as bardo they're monaqbat...!)
-Iman (the girl who kept calling me sarra, and I didn't correct her, wish if I can tell her my real name now)
-Fat Sali
-Onab Ize aldeen (dad liked this girl, and he kept asking me where is she)
- Teacher Amel (of English, I really liked her, and she did too, why not and I'm the best in her class??!)
-Hanim & Hafsa (my grandmother's cute servants)
***[Last time with those people was the end of grade 2 in 2006.when I transferred from my school)


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