When iT's Over

Standing behind the door she always knew..
But this time it's different..Very different though..
It was mid-night...And she was scared and ashamed
Thinking what should she say to not be blamed..
Inhaling a deep breath..Unsure if she should do this..
Feeling sorry for her family..And for herself more than this..
Looking behind her..She might leave and go back..
But he was gone and disappeared in that dark...!!!

Holding her purse so tight..She rang the bell..
Once , twice and again..They were sleeping, she could tell..
Minutes later the door was open..
With stares and shocks...no words were spoken..
She dashed to her room..Dragging her suitcase behind..
Trying to search for some parts of her broken soul..But any she could not find..
Very Tired..Tired from tears and pain..
She threw her self on the bed..Ruminating the memory again and again..
With no reason she could find..
Just her husband words kept shuttling in her mind...!!!

Like a dream...Few months ago she were here..
Spoiled , happy...And with her toys every where..
Everything was still there..Everything was just the same..
But she isn't that little girl anymore..Only carrying her name..
But what was going on then...She just got divorced..
That word hurt her so much...So she cried , then paused..
Realizing that she had enough of tears..
Thinking how to face her parents with their greatest fears..??!!

How could she explain it..How could she face everyone ??
How could she tell her friends that her fake happiness is done ??
Whom she can complain to...No one she could go to..
She's scared from being questioned..
But Boy , There's a lot to be mentioned..
She couldn't hold any longer..Fighting the cry..
Crying harder every time she asks her self WHY ??
Stopping only to realize it's causing her slashes to bleed..
Making her remember stances she doesn't really need...!!!

She cried for her self..And how she tried to keep things in place..
For the people who expecting to see happiness on her face..
For her childhood and her life..Which were not the same..
And for him being unfaithful...With no shame..
Everything was a reason for her to cry more..
She thought about suiciding...As a solution to that sour..
So she decided to ask Allah To take her soul that night..
Everything seemed dead and ugly...Beneath the moon light...!!!

Looking to her mirror...She saw a ghost..
She looked like everything she hated the most..
Her face was swallowing red..Marked with his last slap..
She looked like a shrub been sucked all it's sap..
Trying to gain some strength..She started to pray..
Regretting every second she spent with him..Everyday...!!!!!!

Minutes later...And the Sun did rise..
Reflecting its rays on her window..Shining her eyes..
And with a new morning..With a new day..
All dark clouds faded , Rain stopped..As the Sun made it's way....!!!!


WhiteShadow said…
I´ve really enjoyed reading your work. You should keep writing, because you´ve got obviously a lot to say. Its more than readable, its inspiring. Your words are sincere and fluent, your work as a whole has needed integrity. Well done.

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