WaiT ........... !!!!

I Know ...
That you can't let me go
I Know you want me back
I know you still miss me , Jack

And I miss you too ...
I miss everything about you
Your smile , eyes and your voice
Your true love for me , unlike the other boys

I still can't believe I'm doing so
But I really Can't get back to you .... !!!!!

You touched my soul ,,, Killed my pride ...
You left me wondering ,, Then you LIED
You did everything you knew I hate
You forgot our anniversary ,,, and called me late
You made me cry like I never did
You made me hold on to a love that never fit ... !!!

I ain't trying to make you feel regret
Cause I feel it every time I go to bed
I'm just trying to say NO
Though I was ready to do anything to never let you go
Although I know...
That you still waiting ,,, and I'm not in a hurry
But never ever 'll say sorry
Just you wait ,,,,,, and I'll wait ...
Till we wake up to realize its too late !!!!!!!!!


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