Fake Reality !

"I love you"
You whispered ..
And I smiled ..
We are happy ..
We never pretended to be ..
We are truly happy ..
Our smiles never faded away ..
We are always together ..
Hugging or holding hands ..
Even when some circumstances force us to separate ..
We keep thinking of each other ..
Seeing each other in every single face we meet ..
Wishing if the other could be here ..
He / she would love to see this or do that ..
And we can’t wait till we are together again ,
To tell all the details we experienced while we were apart ..
Promising, we will never do that again .. !!

We traveled the whole wide world ..
We had adventures together ..
We have kids ..
A lot of them ..
Everytime I notice a new face that I’ve never realized before ..
But all have your eyes, your big brown eyes ..
Your black hair ..
Your African features ..
My smile ..
Your childish soul ..
And my face .. !!
We enjoy the intimacy of being together ..
Me taking care of our kids,
While you happily watched ..
Or read a book !!

It has always amazed me ..
How always everyone and everything around us tend to fade when we are together ..
It’s like the whole world is involving about us ..
No voice could be heard but ours .. nothing and no one matters but us ..
It was always us, about us .. !!

Then it happens ..
It always happen ..
Although I hate to ..
I hear you calling my name ..
From very, very far away ..
And it’s getting clearer ..
My world starts to shudder ..
No, wait ..
It’s not you ..
Someone else is calling ..
Someone else is shaking me awake ..
And I start to get conscious ..
Smiling .. my heart beating fast ..
I wake up .. !!

Waking up to a new morning, of a new day ..
I wake up, to a new life ..
Without you ..
Feeling sad and disappointed at first ..
But then,
I remember my dream ..
And my whole world start to shine again ..
Everything seem to have a meaning then ..
It doesn’t matter if it was in “just a dream” where I saw you ..
As I get to see you everyday ..
I won’t complain .. !!

I wake up to my world ..
To the one that lacks you inside ..
That’s why I tend to sleep for hours .. for days ..
Always longing to sleep ..
Even if I wasn’t that tired ..
I just need to see you ..
To feel you ..
And live in imaginary world with you ..
For a while ..
This short while ..
That makes my life .. !!

Even though dreams are just like a blurred line ..
Between here and there ..
Like a meeting room in a prison ..
Where you get to be in the same room ..
Yet on a different sides ..
Different worlds ..
But for me,
Dreams are by far my favorite .. !!!


Sudan Fairytale said…
I love it love the words and ur blog is brilliant

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