♦♦A Dream♦♦

Do I need U..??
Of course I dO!!
Sweety, I lOve U sO bad..
U're my One,,U didn't knOw that??
U're the One..dOn't ask me whO..
Just maKe me sure that drEams do come trUe..!!
BUT fOr U I'm jUst A friend..
Who is gOing to stay this way till the end..!!!!
I dunnO why..?!
Always my heart leads me tO cry..
I had enough tears..ENOUGH being sad..
& really U're driving me mad..!!
It has tO be shaken..
The bOnd of sister & brother must bE brOken..!!
I dunnO hOw..?!
Or why did I fall fOr U nOw..
AlOt Of Questions I can't explain
I jUst dOn't wanna bE hUrt again..
It jUst happend..against my will..
I swear I tried to fight back..I can't tell
U're taking me to heaven every time U stare..
& Ur wOrds take me tO....I dunnO where!!!!!!!
SO please..can U bE mine..??!!
Can U make mE feel like everything'll be jUst fine?!
I knOw that's too much..& I'm asking alOt
But I can't stOp these feelings...As U can't stOp being HOT..!!☺☺


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