A Dear Friend •◘○

We're the best of friends as we used to..
Always reading my mind & what passes through..
I think I'm falling for you..
And you should never know..
I wont tell you,,
Cause I don't want you to go..
I'll keep my secret,,'ll never let it show
You'll never catch me stairing at you..
Never 'll feel my body tremble while I'm beside you..
Or even hear my heart beating just for you..
Never 'll see the joy that I feel whenever I see you..
Or the love that I'm hiding from you..
You'll never hear me whisper how much I miss you..
Just B'coz you should never know..!!
You're my best friend..& like that I'm gonna keep you..
To be a friend & just a "sis" thats what I'm going to..
Cause I don't wanna loose you..!!!!
I'll force my self to get over you..
I'll get it done..& my heart 'll pass it through..
And in no time I'll be back to the one you used to know..
And you wont feel a change..Cause from the start you didn't know..
A fairytale..really comes true..
And an angle whispers to your heart "Don't You Know???""
Then you feel what I felt..BABY 'd you ever do???
But the quistion is " 'll you hide it from me too"??..
Or 'll say what I've just said..."Dear Friend I Love You"...!!


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