Just For U

To my babe....

Whenever you feel lonely,

Whenever you feel sad,

Whenever time hit you roughly,

When people treat you bad,

Wherever you are,

Whenever you feel pain,

When you are in a trouble,

When you think you wont live again,

When people br mean to you,

When darkness want to get you,

When you dont know who,

When you dont know what to do,

When you are confused how to let them know,

When someone loves you just for show,

When your degrees numbers get low,

When you want to do something and you know you cant do so,

When your heart tell you to stay but you go,

When you cant choose one of two,

When you regret something you didnt do,


Then when you feel happy,

When you smile,

When you tell a joke,

When you change your style,

When a beautiful girl love you,

When your dream comes true,

When you succeed in your exam,

When you watch a baby grow,

When you sleep peacfully at night,

When you see the morning light,

When you get a new friend,

When you see a star,

When your message be sent,

When your troubles be far,

When you smell a perfam,

When you say sorry,

When you be calm,

When you drive a lorry,

When you see a flower,

When your mum pray for you,

When you take a shower,

When a baby be borned just for you,

When you thank God that you are alive,

When you are near to die and survive........

Just want you to know then Im here for you

To protect you,& love you..

I will always be there,will always love you!!


Sudan Fairytale said…
i love ur writing girl i thinku are really talented and cant wait to readmore - and look at all ur different talents on this blog
keep it up!
thanx lovely cousin...i wasnt very sure about posting them...any way thanx 4 ur encorege..n ma talent!!!looool,thanx again!

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