Im SOrry


Every time I do it..will be sorry

Cause I really used to do it..Im sorry

Baby,every time I look to your eyes I will be so sorry

Boy I used to look to your eyes every time in every day

& I didnt used to hear it when you say..

"Girl why you looking to my eyes Im not yours"

Why...why I cant just to choose??

Cause everytime in everynight I dream about you..

& baby,all that is really true!!

You just give me one chance to fix it.

& I promise you boy you wont regret it

Just give me time to be with you..

& I wont ask you about what or who!!

I will keep my jealousy in my heart..

& I wont let any problem start

I really miss seeing you smiling on my face..

Cause you know for me it cant replace!

I need your love baby..I need you with me

Cause that will give me strength and make me happy

So please dont leave me alone..I beg you dont go..

I really dont know without you what can I do!!

Just forgive me...

for all I have done to you...

Im sorry!!!


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