Orange and Black

Did you hear it....or should I say again

Are you sure you heard me right??....

cause I will do you no pain

Your eyes had taken me from my world to be with you..

And always my heart pushing me to say "I miss you"..

But my babe soul is afraid from knowing you are not for me..

when nothing can let you are free!!

But your eyes are a diamond windows of a golden heart..

Always telling mine"we should never be apart"

Baby,you are for my dark life a deep light..

You are the reason I stay awake at night..

I know its really true,when you are so near..

And Im shouting so high.."where are you dear"..

Im afraid that my heart suffers like that again or more..

Then I live all my coming days like that for certain sure..

Who can replace my heart the second I met you..

And what is the taste of life if it became without you..

Can you tell me why my pain for you is nothing..

And days went and Im missing your face every morning..

Days..I dont know why they went so fast..

And im still holding on you ..till die at last....

Just you should know I did my best to fix it..

But its just like orange & black......

you cant mix it!!!!!


Sudan Fairytale said…
heeh! i missed ur poetry girl -
keep piling them here for me remmebr how u doing? lng time no hear girl! miss u lots

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