Im living on a reminiscence was between us long ago..

and calling high "where are you"??

Do you know when Im beside you what I feel ??

when Im looking to your eyes what I need to say real ?? beautiful is the world when Im with you

Oh,my every thing I love you

Do you remember when we firstly met??

and when you broke what was built...

Can you remember our first call ??

and when you through me into the wall!!

I cant forget how you used to look at me..

and now you really cant recognize me

I miss when you be at morning waiting for me

but now I looked for you every where,and I cant see

I will remember you..till I die

please remember me..and dont let your life pass you by

If it was without memories of me & you..

when you smile at the beautiful as you do

Im so tired..cant see

standing at the edges of a memory

Every time I see you I want to shout..

babe,there is alot of things you dont know about

I dont want to let go..

just need you to know..

when we are together..

I hope that we never be away,,forever..

I wont gorget are the one I need every

you are my worlds light

I want just to die in your be with you

jack..I really miss you so

I will forever be in pain..

If I didnt be in your arms again,..

And fainally..I just want to say..

that you and I

will never ever die..........


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