May I dont know whats your name...

but im sure we are not the same

cause I could see your heart...

which want us to be apart

It didnt take much time to find...

what you really keeps inside!!

It doesnt matter what you say..

cause I know you wont stay

And I really hated that...

to love a boy who treats me bad

But baby you got a face...

Never,never I cant replace

What I can say or do...

to let you really know

When you be broken how you feel?!

then when you start to live again...its so real

I dont know what I mean to you...

but you are my whole life..that what I know

And baby you are so sweet..

when you say "I love you girl" my heart beat

I cant forget your silky touch..

or your shiny eyes..thats so much

How you want me now to break it??

Dear,dear I just cant take it

You never know when every thing isnt true..

and your hopes are really few

When you think you wont be the same again..

and an angel come to take your pain

You are my angel which came from the sky

and I never knew angels lie!!!!

Just let me once try to feel how to live

may it be my have to believe!!


this is not too bad but there are flowers that

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