I Know

Its really sad,but its true

they cant see you as I do

they are always searching for reasons to make you apart

because they never reached your heart

But I Know

When you smile how life be

& how it feels when its just you & me

it doesnt matter what people want to see

I will stay with you as I want..Im free

Because I Know

You are an angel came from the sky

rising all my standers high

I cant tell what changes in my world you have done

so please...dont ask me to pick one

And I Know

When you are stepping where you know your heart is going to be broken

but you never give up..or give a chance to be mistaken

you are made of light to help people go through

just if they could really know you

Also I Know

How when your babe soul is always in pain

and you always make it and smile again

but why when you always being mentioned

they keep saying you are different

but they never knew whats the meaning to be you

and the world treat them as they do

hope if they could once know its not a crime

if you cant be effected by time

They would think again...I Know

If they could find someone like you

they dont see you as I do..

hope they even try to

most of them would turn you away

I dont want you to listen to a word they say

they will think again..I Know

You have got something every one would be killed for

to be a kid for ever and more

never get in troubles..,you are excused too

to be nice with you..everyone have to

Then I Know

May one day I pass you through

then may my eyes couldnt recognize you

but my heart sure will do

and in your eyes I see every day I spent with you

you never gonna change..but I will do

and in my heart you gonna stay as the same as you

I just know its true

No body is like you

"To my childhood friend,always will be for you"


Sudan Fairytale said…
i love the words here and the color of the poem!

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